Dance Trauma

I know … I have already posted today ….. BUT I am really ANGRY!  I was supposed to be at a Ballroom Dance Christmas Party RIGHT NOW!  But I am NOT!  Part of my outfit broke while I was getting dressed to go, this was a formal event and there was NO time to get a replacement garment — this part of my ensemble was essential.  I ran through everything in my closet trying to pull something together–NO CAN DO.  I have gained just enough of my weight back that I couldn’t pull it off.

UuuuGGgggHHHH!  I looked at my hubby and said, “I am working to keep a positive outlook on this.”  Being the good hubby that he is he said, “I know baby,” and looked appropriately sad for me.  I was stomping around fussing under my breath throwing my stinking clothes around …. ugh…. that DON’T fit!

He looked over at me and said, “I know, lets go ride our bikes, that always makes us happy.”  So… we go… smiling, and trying not to cry, to ride our bikes.  He is right it will make me happy — it is like taking a happy pill.

13 thoughts on “Dance Trauma

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  2. What a precious husband you have! It doesn’t seem like much, but he’s a man. He empathized. And then he suggested doing something he knew would make you feel better. Such a fortunate woman you are.

    • I have a GREAT hubby! He works with me, waits on my moods to pass, and encourages me always. Not to say he is not a real man — we do have disagreements. He can be a bit of a rear at times — BUT on the whole — there is NO man on earth I would rather be with. He is love, he believes the best in me, hopes in me always, and thinks I am amazing. This still blows my mind after 23 years this month on the 20th. 🙂

  3. Hey Shonnie, the one thing you must know is your weekness and most everybodys weekness is self discipline. If you want to lose the weight you must find that person or instructor no matter what your workout is, that has the ability to MOTIVATE! Someone that can bring out the best in you or make you think you can do anything. Which in retune will allow you to really enjoy and get into your workouts. I have tought Karate class and a cardio class for over 30 years and I have learned that what you put into your workout is what you get out of it. Motivation is something everyone needs. My instructor burned that into my soul and in my brain and that’s what allows me to push myself to the limit no matter what I do. You have so many friends and people want to be around you cause you have that personality (outgoing and bubbley) so it dosen’t matter how you look. It’s your personality that makes you who you are. But I can see you have a strong desire to lose the weight and I say good for you! Good Luck and be Strong!!

    • Keith — those are some wonderful words of advice and I follow them with little to no results. I have had a lot of physical stamina increases–which allows for much more fun in life. =) I really appreicate your wonderful words of advice and encouragement. They are a complete blessing to me! I can always tell when someone reaches out to give from the heart–It means the world to me! I never realized how great some of my friends are–until recently. Thanks so much.

      I am sure my trainer shares my frustration — because she and her hubby got me the intro to the new Doc I will be visiting, for this very reason. Her hubby is a Dean of the school of Medicine at UAB, and he went in (without my knowing) and shared my story with this Doc–now–they are going to try and help me figure out why your very sound advice doesn’t work for my body. It doesn’t hurt that the doctor is doing a study on this very thing–people who do the right stuff but don’t lose. I am so scared and excited all at the same time. In the mean time I am going to continue with my workouts and training. Thanks again — do send me any tricks or ideas you have — I am very open to trying anything. Thanks again! =)

  4. Shonnie-my closets full of beautiful pieces that don’t fit anymore. At least you are doing something about it. I’m proud of Mikey for suggesting the bike ride. He could have let you have a pity party by ignoring your cries but instead offered constructive support. With that behind you, you cannot fail. So hold your head high Gurl. It camoflauges the double chin too. Lol. 

    • Thanks Tricia–glad I am NOT alone in this. I will remember the advice about holding my head up high–need to minimize them double chins. =) Mikey is great. He is a picture of Love. We did have a good ride minus the bug. Choke Choke. hehe

      • Hey… Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction also! It happens to the best of us. This could have happened to you on the dance floor! I don’t have that many opportunities to really ” dress up” either. It is disappointing.

      • YOu are a NUT! I love it! Hahaha–I am so glad you mentioned that. It really helped me — THat would have been VERY bad to happen on the Dance floor! DANG! It can always be worse. LOL! Thanks for making me look on the bright side.

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