Day 3 My Fears and Bunny Trails

OK … I sent the e-mail to the Doctor at UAB!!  I faced my fears and sent him my history–that always hurts so bad to go through all this yet again!  Ugh….

Will they work with me… Will they help me… Will this be another exercise in frustration??  I am so nervous that I will probably be useless for the rest of the day.

This is NOT GOOD because I have a TON of stuff to get ready before my family gets here for Christmas–which leads me down to the bunny trail of “FOOD!”  I like having the meals at my house — this way I can make things I am allowed and actually LOVE to eat. I am sure most of you know how trying it can be at holiday parties and gatherings with all the food people bring that you want to eat….BUT ….you KNOW you shouldn’t eat.

Being Diabetic, I really have to watch this.  Most people do NOT truly understand what Diabetics can and cannot eat.  All fruits and veggies have carbs that = higher blood sugar numbers.  Some are better than others, apples, berries, green beans, spinach and the like are good Diabetic friendly foods.  BREAD is OUT!  SO, when I make the food we get steamed broccoli and cauliflower–cheese sauce for the skinny people, green beans or sautéed spinach for side dishes.  Yes, I will make the yummy moist corn bread dressing, and my very popular re-stuffed potatoe casserole for those in the family who can’t live without them.  Of course we will have the meats–NO sugar bastings added!

Sweet treats are hard to come by for the diabetic person–you want something occasionally besides an apple or berry–I’m just being real here.  Yes, during the Holidays I allow myself a few sneaks over to the  “Bread and Sugar Side” of life–I am human!  The most exciting thing for me this year, HowEver, has been the discovery of a low/no sugar Pumpkin Cheese Cake recipe!  Now, I can have my cake and eat it too.  OH MY!  SHUT UP–that thing is so good that the rest of the family fought me for it!  I cut the slices where I only get 230 calories a serving and it is PERFECT!  Can you tell I am excited? (Smiling)

I guess I had better get off here and get kickin’–cuz’ just writing about that Cheese Cake has made me motivated to get this stuff DONE!  hehehe


6 thoughts on “Day 3 My Fears and Bunny Trails

  1. Shonnie,

    I am so glad you are doing this blog. This is a huge challenge for so many people, and this forum gives you the chance to encourage each other. What is becoming so clear, so quickly, is that there is no one set hard and fast way that works for everybody. There are many reasons for a person to have a weight problem. Some are relatively simple to fix. Others, like yours, are continuous exercises in frustration where a lot of effort is put in with very little results. Everyone who has to fight this fight needs encouragement because it is a hard thing to do. I think it is awesome that y’all are holding each other up. Everyone can share their frustrations and successes and come out winners.

    WTG babe.

  2. I’ve been struggling myself. My biggest problem is with dad’s health problems and the increased workload it gave me, I have NO time for exercise. So… I’m back on my shake diet but we’re also just being more careful with calories and fatty, fried foods. I’m doing good… lost 12lbs since Thanksgiving. That’s alot better than the 10-12lbs usually gained in this time period.

  3. So proud of you !! I look forward to reading these and can’t wait to see all of us on the other side of this weight thing 🙂

    Merry Christmas !!

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