Day 4 Motivation Struggles

Yesterday Keith was telling me I needed to find someone to motivate me — Keith, I am using you, today!  Mike and I didn’t make it last night to the gym as planned, which was Horrible because I ate “PASTA!”   Something I rarely do unless I am going to work out good and hard.  I am diabetic and don’t need the sugar high!  (cut me SOME slack because it is my break time–planned cheating……yes….I plan everything–well, almost)

SO….this morning my rear is dragging and my sugars are up….I started to wimp out and NOT go to workout.  So, here I am now, telling on myself.  =)  I think it will help, cuz’ nobody wants to look bad in front of other people. =)

I am going to update you a tad later, and let you know how all this plays out–do I go workout, or do I stay home and be a bum?  =)

Blessings and peace …. S


Thanks Keith — I heard your words in my head, so I donned my workout clothes and hit the gym!  =)  I lifted 11,570 lbs. according to the FitLinxx program at the Y, but I haven’t figured out how to log in the machines that don’t do it for you, so it was a tad more than that.

I ran into my “Beloved Trainer Nazi–Donna,” she was torturing another of my Pilates Reformer buddies.  Donna shared with me that Dean Jones, her hubby, has been checking out my blog and at it again standing in the gap for me with Dr. Ard.  This lifted my spirits, and then my fellow torture buddy said, between lifts, that she was following me too.  She said some other nice things that kinda made me blush, so not sure I can type them just yet.  hehe  I have found since starting this new adventure in blogging that I have some of the best friends in the world, they give great advice and encourage me more than I have words to express.

Then, I went to Publix, my favorite grocery store besides Whole Foods, and the dang Place smelled Like DONUTS!!!!!  I thought I would die–I was so hungry!  No, I didn’t eat any — but I bet on more than one occasion I wasn’t looking like I had any “Christmas Spirit!”  I got home and ate MY food.  =D  Patting myself on the back here.


18 thoughts on “Day 4 Motivation Struggles

  1. I swear I answered this already…my internet is a cell-phone, and although MUCH BETTER THAN SATELLITE INTERNET, it still just….doesn’t always complete the process! Sorries!
    First question, my folks called merthiolate “monkey blood” and it was a pinkish red. I wonder if you can still buy that because it contains mercury. It is truly amazing that we are all still alive–lol!
    Paint your patch anywhere that does not show…your belly, thighs, inner arm, wherever. Did you try it yet??

  2. Well Mike, my folks called merthiolate “monkey blood” and it was a pinkish red. Merthiolate is prolly not even available/legal since it contains mercury, but I may be wrong. It’s a wonder we are not all dead-ha! ha!
    Iodine is a golden brown. Shonnie, you can paint it on your belly or thigh, or anywhere that does not show.
    Since it is alcohol-based, it dries in seconds. You should rotate the areas that you patch.
    I’m curious to know how fast your first patch will disappear!! =)
    Hugs to you both!

  3. Hang in, Shonnie! I just finished a shoulder torture session – Pain comes at all levels inside and out. That’s where patience and focus come into play. Neither of those have ever been my best qualities but we are learning one step, one day at a time. You’re gonna be just fine. Hang in there!

  4. just checking in to say one step – then one step – then one step – sometimes for me, when i look at the whole picture, it is too much – just have to put one step in front of the other – you know, that old Chinese parable about the long trip! love you

    • Hi Marni, Thanks for posting. =) I believe you are asking me if I am Type I or Type II diabetic, if so I am Type II it came on as a result of the mounting weight. My thyroid doesn’t work well and I am on medications to repair that — which have not helped me loose any weight — but I don’t pass out every afternoon anymore. Very excited about that. So, I am a mystery at the moment. I am about to embark on NUMEROUS tests to discover what is exactly going on with me. =)

      • This may/may not be useful info. Your thyroid issue made me recall some research that I came across. Many of us have low thyroid (King-Kong of metabolism) due to low levels of the mineral iodine. There is a simple test. Purchase a small bottle of 2% Tincture of Iodine–the kind our folks put on our “owies.” You may have to ask the pharmacist for it because somehow it can be used in the manufacturing of meth. Paint a 2″x2″ iodine patch on yourself. If you are iodine deficient, it will disappear in less than 24 hours. My first patch was gone in one hour! I “patch” myself daily–they now last nearly 24 hours. Supposedly, if you are not deficient, it will not be absorbed as quickly. This is a new thing for me, I hope it helps.

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