…and to everyone a Merry Christmas

Well, it is 10:16 pm., Wednesday, December 23rd, my hubby is out working late to have extra time off over Christmas, and I am relaxing after a LONG day of cooking.  I am pondering my day—UPDATE–DR. ARD wrote me BACK.  OH MY! I almost flipped when I saw the email–to open or not to open?? That was my question–I was in the middle of cooking–what if there was a problem.  I didn’t want to ruin my “Christmas Spirit thingy” I had goin’ on! I couldn’t wait–haha–betcha would never have guessed that one!  Everything was OK.  He was very nice.  Now, I have to get on his books for an appointment……wonder how long that will take? hehe  You know how I just LOVE waiting and wondering.  =)  ….So, lets talk about something else to take my mind off waiting–or thinking of the upcoming SLEEP STUDY!  I know….lets talk about what I did today………

Well, I spent most of the day cooking–Holiday Cooking that is–I don’t like to be in the kitchen working when the entire time family gathers……..so….. I Pre-Prep and cook before the big meal–Every LAST thing I can.  I have spent the better part of the last two days heroically Grocery Shopping!  Not my most favorite thing to do — ESPECIALLY DURING the Holidays!  Just sayin’–people are CRAZY out there!  I did NOT want to venture back out in the muck and mass of holiday humanity.  I’m a Fluffy girl–sometimes I can’t fit through the cracks in the store without Touching STRANGERS with my body as I pass–EWWW! There are these–uncommonly happy folks–blocking up the isles chatting with complete strangers like they have known them their entire lives?!?!  What is with that?? Don’t they know some people have lives?  Places to be?

Mind you now, I had my granddaughter Sophia with me today, and she was chatting, happily–I might add loudly–as we strolled through the chaotic mania of the grocery store two days before Christmas.  She was–Not I–impeding our progress through the store.  Everyone had to chat with her, and of course being the good “Ami” (my grammy name) that I am, I had to allow them to pay homage to my Beautiful Baby girl!  I mean…..I had to allow it…..how could I deprive them of such pleasure?  I am very kind you see.  And, thus I became what I loathe……an Aisle Blocker….One of those Atypically Happy People clogging up the way for all those rushed shoppers with places to be. 

Unlike my shopping experience the day before, I was full of the “Christmas Spirit,” loaded with joy, as I exited the overpacked grocery into an equally chaotic parking lot filled with angry drivers–I was still uncommonly happy.  High from the constant conversation with loving and pleasant people–how could I have been so quick to distain them previously? I made my way safety to my car–an extreme feat–with another Large Grocery Purchase of things I had forgotten, and my little ray of sunshine chatting happily all the way.  It is amazing how perspective can change when circumstances are right.  Sophia makes everyday a Sunny Day….even shopping two days before Christmas.

Sophia helped me look through the cook books, and do google searches for recipes that would jazz up my food faire this season.  As she sat on my lap, she giggled and reached her sweet, soft hands up to cuddle my face–I am truly blessed.  Her mother and I had a great time with a new recipe we decided to try out of Julia Child’s cookbook, The Art of French Cooking, and man did it taste good!  I really do enjoy the making of a good meal.  This Holiday Season, I am not “dieting”–per se, which is a “four letter word,” according to my friend Cathy.  I, personally, think she is very wise.  I am watching my portion sizes, and the carb count, nothing else. The challenge will begin soon enough–I want to make it through this season with NO weight gain. I will do that, and then I will be ready to face what ever gauntlet Dr. Ard will prod me through.  Here we are at day’s end, and I can say that is was a Good Day, a Pleasant Day, and thankfully a Day that is…..over.  Because….now my feet hurt, my legs ache, and my BACK is Screaming at me–But I loved every minute of it, and would do it again in a heartbeat!

In the morning, (Now) I will clothe myself in workout gear, and meet with my beloved Trainer Nazi at 8am for an hour and a half of torture, followed by final preparations for my family’s arrival … so if I don’t see you again on THE DAY …..


8 thoughts on “…and to everyone a Merry Christmas

  1. we had a lot of fun making that awesome ham from the Jewlia Child Cookbook. That ham was great. Love you and all the low sugar and low carb foods for Christmas we made together. Hopefully they can find a solution to your problem losing that stubburn weight.

  2. Love this statement about Sophia with us Christmas grocery shopping. The fact that people love to talk to us about how cute she is is fun.

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