Pain in the rear and everywhere else

Uh....I really....really don't do this well. =)

We had a Very Merry Christmas this year; I hope that you and yours did.  I found that it was impossible to think clearly, much less post, when one is in charge of the festivities, but we all had a GREAT TIME.  I spent a LOT of time cooking; everything turned out well, even if I do say so myself.  The best part of this holiday was spending it with family and friends playing games, laughing, talking, and yes eating.  I was mostly good (not cheating eating my low sugar items)–but when I wasn’t — I made myself play with the new addition to our family…it was a terrible chore, but hey somebudy has ta take one for the team….

…..Our new addition to family fun time was the Xbox Kinnect–OH MY WORD.  Can you say sore?  As the old saying goes, I have pain in places I didn’t think was possible to experience pain — aren’t I working out enough?  What was up with this?  We jumped, ran, threw invisible discs and javelins, and danced until everyone could barely speak–yet we managed to have enough breath to laugh at each others attempts.  I now know how to “jerk,” and a few other dances –my hubby danced to a Lady GaGa song — I forget the name — it was girly and he WON!  haha — it was great!  However, there is Nothing like watching the VIDEO after each performance — funny and YUCK!  No, escaping the ugly eye of the camera.  It is motivating.

Yes, I do this kind of thing in class ... it just doesn't look so elegant.

Being the ever-diligent pupil, I dressed and joined Donna (AKA — Trainer Nazi) for Pilates Reformer Class.  What parts of me weren’t hurting from all the jumping, running, and Dancing–Donna ATTACKED!  I told her, that her name was now, a “Four Letter Word!”  (she really isn’t a bad word–but DANG she HURT ME! –love you Donna) Have you ever bridged and lifted one leg while pushing back with light weights?  (Light weights = Massive Pain and harder–especially when you are FAT!) My legs have NOT stopped jerking YET!  …And I pay for this.  Sometimes I wonder about myself.

I didn't look like this.....but I sure felt like it!

Pilates Reformer, like Pilates, is supposed to be graceful and dignified — well, I was anything BUT today!  I was a gynormous whining baby!  Just sayin’…  I sat in my car, in the basement, when I arrived home, for so long that my daughter came down to find out what was wrong. OH, nothing but my legs wouldn’t work–I had to command them to move.  I whined as I trudged up the stairs, and groped through the kitchen to find something to eat, that was reasonably on my diet.  We don’t have much that is “good for you” and ready to consume on a right now–ready-to-eat–basis.  So, for all you skinny butts that eat what you want and exercise little, (most of my family) =P  ….I am blowing raspberries at you!

Well, I have zombies that need moderating … so I had better run.

Happy New Years — maybe there will be no Pain in 2011!  =)

4 thoughts on “Pain in the rear and everywhere else

  1. Girl, I know I can’t even attempt to do a move even similar than that!! Looks painful, as I’ve got massive arthritis and more. Anyway, hubby and son got me an all-in-one exercise machine which looked easy; you use your body weight to pull with arms and/or legs, but it hurt and was way too hard on my bones. So I promptly asked him to put it back in the box and return it for something more arthritis-friendly!! We came home with an elliptical trainer and I love it; so easy to use and gets my heart pumpin’. Just so you know, even us so-called “thin” peeps can’t always do every fad which comes along; everyone should do what works for them and that they can keep up in the long run. Kudos to you for giving it your all!!

    • Thanks for posting. =) Sorry to hear about the arthritis–that stinks–and is the reason I HATE getting out of bed first thing in the am. My feet SCREAM at me! I am very glad you found something that works well for you. ….and I am glad you are a skinny, too. I hope to join you there one day real soon.

  2. good for you,,,pilates is hard… exercise today was shoveling and using the snowblower but always feel good that I am still capable of doing it. My mother was correct…hear that Mom…back in the days when I used to brag that I could eat anything and the scale said 118…her words…”time will catch up to you!”…Okay Mom you were right!

    • I don’t know which is hard Nancy–Pilates or Pilates Reformer. I do Reformer–that table she is on moves. Reformer is Pilates with Weights. The weights change the difficulty–The move that she is doing–for instance, would be more difficult if you did it without weights to help you hold your position. I would have to have more weight because I weight a LOT — at least for now. =)

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