Day 18 Optifast Day ONE

Day 18 of my journal, and Day ONE of my Optifast/EatRight eating plan.  I pondered long and hard about starting today, because I am meeting up with buddies in Shreveport this weekend for a girls night in a casino, brunch, and then painting while sipping wine.   I don’t know about you but all that sounds exceptional to me.  I thought about Dean Jones — who boldly started during the Holidays!!! And….after deliberations and evaluations of my options; my hubby and I came to the conclusion that I needed to start, NOW–there would always be some fun food-filled event in the way otherwise.  So, I will head off for a hometown girls weekend, after my Sleep Study tonight, and second bloodletting tomorrow, armed with shake making stuff and my soups. 🙂

I can see a LOT of yoga in my future.  Why you ask?  Well, since you asked …. I started the program this morning, and the shake and coffee mixture wasn’t bad, but it didn’t last very long at ALL.  Shortly after I dropped my car off to get repaired about 8:30 am., I became ravenously hungry.  You know, the rip the walls down kinda hungry, that makes you oh so sweet to be around.  One cannot go around being hostile: one could end up in restraining gear.  I called Lindsey (Optifast Program Director) to ask a question about my products and mentioned my problems to her.  She very sweetly stated, “I know you are going to hate me, but lets stick with this today.”  I know she is right, but you all here in town should probably give me a wide birth today ‘cuz I am a Grumpy Budget!

I have my concerns about this program, not from the medical stand point, or the staff (which for me is unusual–most medical people are not fun to be around–these guys are great.  Doctors have been historically disrespectful of me, rarely believe a word I say, and generally speak to me in condescending tones. Not so with this group–a VERY pleasant change.), but my concerns are about my body and its weirdness.  Dr. Ard urged me to let go of doubts, and create a positive mental attitude–I am working on it sir.  🙂  The main problems that I see are: 1) I don’t usually loose weight consuming more than 30 carbs a day–this program has around a 100, at this level of intake I tend to gain; 2) eating 20 carbs pushes my blood sugars up the number scale, because I am highly insulin resistant; 3) lowering my exercise usually runs my Blood Sugar numbers up as well, and we have lowered my blood sugar meds (I am VERY excited about lowering my meds–but still concerned).  Today, as of right this moment, my blood sugar numbers are in the right spot–110–so here’s hoping!  🙂

So, why am I going along with this program if I am so concerned?  Well, it is simple, nothing has worked well, and anything is worth a try–just praying I don’t gain.  Dr. Ard mentioned words that were music to my ears, the Lowering all my Medications.  Given the opportunity to be medication free — sister has signed herself on for the duration, no matter the potential for problems.  I have an amazing support system, one I never realized how amazing it truly was, so I am blessed before I get started.

Armed with my gum — those of you who know me are probably falling on the floor now — I am about to get ready to face down ….the SLEEP STUDY.  Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I can’t stand GUM!!  I hate gum, actually.  As we speak, I am collecting more gum to pack and take with me tonight.  I will post prayer requests when I have to go to meetings, because Lindsey informed us that we would notice the people in class chomping on their gum.  I wonder … if when they tell people to chew gum if they pass out gum chewing etiquette pamphlets?  I REALLY think this would be a good thing!  (smiling sheepishly)  I will need a sedative when I go to these classes not to harm or spew sewer language at my fellow SFDF’ers (solid food derived folks).  I don’t want to see people eating, chewing, and popping gum makes me want to beat people up!

I really am a nice person …. 🙂  Really I am!

Ok, enough of my whining and on with the show ….. I got lots of stuff to do before tonight!

Pics for Day one —-God Help me I cannot believe I am doing this.

Greg, this is the best I can do -- A BIKINI is OUT of the Question!

I NEVER take side profile pics. UHHHH

Well, on that fabo note: You all have a blessed day, ya hear…….S  🙂

10 thoughts on “Day 18 Optifast Day ONE

  1. I cannot believe 3 hours a week but I believe you are doing the right thing and will sit back and watch pounds drip off your body. I missed you last week. If you cannot exercise you have to at least come and make me laugh. By The Way did you take the train to Shreveport? Have fun. Cannot wait for day 19

  2. I just have to say I am proud of you and think you are working towards a good goal. Now you will have Erica going crazy with all the gum chewing. I pray that you find a solution to the high blood sugar you are having. Love you.

  3. So VERY proud of you – I look forward to traveling this journey with you. I know you CAN and WILL do this.

    love ya girly !!

  4. Gum … hum? I think I read a study once that gum actually activates your stomach secretions and makes you hungier. Was the recommended by the program?

    • Yes, Lindsey the program director was the one who talked about it. It has to be sugar free, you can have gum or sugar free mints I believe she said–but obviously you wouldn’t want to eat too much of any of that or you will have tummy probs.

      I know from my cycling stuff–they suggest that if you can’t hold down liquids or solids while riding, to swish flavored water in your mouth a few min and spit it out. Some how this triggers the body to release fuel for use, I guess it decides we are about to get some more goodies so it doesn’t have to hold on to the stores.

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