Houston We have a Problem

I was unable to upload my post the day I wrote … so here is Day 19 and the SLEEP STUDY….a few days late!

Sleep? In all this?

The people at the Sleep Study Clinic were very friendly and accommodating.  The girl, who was hooking me up, and I got to know each other pretty well.   We discovered that we both love HGTV, so we watched “House Hunters” as she connected the wires to my body and head.  We chatted blithely away about all manner of things as this young girl, on the television, chose from several really nice homes.  There was a lot of hookin’ up goin’ on in my hair–MAN–it took a WHILE to wash that out this morning.  However, last night, I managed to fall asleep pretty quickly — thanks to Ambien. I can’t remember who asked — but NO — I wasn’t caught on video sleep cooking or eating.  So, I guess that obesity cause can be checked off the list.  Whew, she said wiping her brow, that was a real concern — NOT.  I went to bed HUNGRY, last night would have been the night if it was going to happen.  I am going to share some humorous pics of the adventure — it got more interesting as the night went on — only I was too sleepy to take pics of myself then.  🙂


This is the one I want ... It you are going to have to wear head gear to sleep it ought to look cute! Don't chat think? =)

The verdict?  Did I pass or fail the Sleep Test–one of my fellow sleep studiers asked me this morning as I waited for my daughter to collect me from the hospital.  I didn’t know you could pass or fail a sleep study.  He didn’t have any breathing problems until early in the morning — so he has to come back and do the study again.  From his point of view — I passed — My problems showed up Early On.  I don’t have to go back, I just have to acquire new hardware to sleep with, because I do have Sleep Apnea.  My blood/oxygen levels are too low in my most restorative sleep–which keeps my body in stress, and I wake up several times in the night, even with a sleep aid.  If I understood the Doc correctly I do not rest well, when I am resting–I sleep in stress.  Go figure!  Good News: I responded well to the treatment.  THANK GOD for one area that responded–normally!  🙂  Now…….I just need normal responses in weight loss.


Prior to the sleep study, as my day waxed on with one delish shake after another, my blood sugar numbers rose….What?? You heard me right …. they rose …and I was witchy…..and STARVING!!  Can you see my sad face?  I went to dance lessons, which was fun, Melissa is too cute and sweet–we always have a wonderful time.  We ran into Dean Jones at the dance studio, he was finishing his lesson. While he put on his street shoes, he encouraged me not to worry too much about my crazy BS numbers for the first day.  He further told me that he was a “Happy Fat Man” and couldn’t explain my mental issues–that was something I would have to check on for myself.  Hehe! He is happy because he has lost 20 pounds and he looks like a kid wearing his dad’s suits, not his own.

…..So…..I am back up to full diabetes meds (which I haven’t been in a long while), and still the blood sugar numbers are rising and falling all day long.  Can you see me blowing raspberries?  Dr. Ard called to help me work out a plan to better manage these little issues of mine, and we are going to hold the course to see if we can ride this massive adjustment out to a new Healthier and Skinnier me.  🙂

Well….. I have whined and bemoaned enough for one day …..I got to get packin’ for Shreveport, Louisiana and a girls weekend…..yes…..I am packin’ YUMMY Shakes.

Blessings and Peace …….S

8 thoughts on “Houston We have a Problem

  1. Are you going with Leopard or Tiger? LOL! I tell my hubby he looks like a koala bear with his mask. SWEET DREAMS!!!

  2. So . . . no sleep eating . . . and no real sleeping. Hummph. Well, I guess we will fix the sleeping problem and see how that helps. The “sleep eating” was never truly a concern, but it is nice to have it “proven” that your weight issues have nothing to do with that. We can move on the real areas of concern.

  3. Well in all the many years I have lived with you I never saw you get up in the middle of the night to fix anything. You always talked about how it hurt so bad to walk… Have to say I have tasted that soup and it is not very good. Just saying. Love you.

  4. Glad you got that part figured out – I have heard from others that have sleep apnea that they feel a lot better after finally getting some real sleep.
    Keep on keeping on – very proud of you !!

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