DAY 23—Recap on days 20-22: Girls’ Weekend

After my sleep study, I grabbed my packed bags, Optifast food, protein shaker, vitamins, meds, the little cooler, treats for my buds, jumped in my truck, and headed to Shreveport for my girls weekend—WITHOUT checking the weather.  Little did I know …..that a winter storm was headed the full length of I-20.  Dunt .. Dunt …don….

This is all but one that met with me for my first dinner out. Sadly, we didn't get a picture of the evening with Donna in it

My father, the ever ready harbinger of weather doom, swamps me in weather alerts when I arrive in Jackson.  You know how fathers are … they worry about their daughters … well, actually ALL their children, but especially their daughters.  You know how children are … they ignore their fathers, and plow ahead with their ill advised plans.  🙂  I figured the weather channel was its normal, “Weather Event” self, effectively pumping the potential of a good storm for all it was worth.  WRONG!  This event essentially happened, even if it wasn’t as bad as they had predicted in Shreveport. It was pretty interesting further east along I-20.

I drove impetuously along my merry way, thinking only of the fun I would have with wonderful childhood friends.  As one friend stated, “What a void we would have without Facebook, and reconnecting after so many years.”  Good friends fill the heart with joy and hope.  I could only focus on how we laugh, reminisce, and enjoy the comfort and company of those who have shared experiences.  I was willing the weather to go away and come another day.  🙂

I arrived in Shreveport ahead of schedule, the sun was shining, the temperature was pleasant enough for a walk around the casino’s parking lot while I waited for my buddies to arrive.  I just knew I was right, the weather channel, and my worry wart father were just plain wrong.  I was fully prepared with my food–so–I had everything.  …..But was I ready for my first meal out with

The Chips

friends?  ….without, in reality, getting to eat?  I was as it turns out.  I drank my shake before we left, because I was growling. We decided (I really didn’t help choose) where to go, Mexican.  It worked out great, for the first time, I was not hungry. This lack of hunger was empowered by excitement about hanging out with my buddies.  I barely noticed that I only had club soda and lime for the meal.  I did strategically place the chips and salsa away from myself.

Lisa is posing here with her and Tricia's Margaritas and yummy food.

I was happy that I went with these ladies — they were so encouraging, and patient with me as I rattled on about many topics as they ate.  I survived!  🙂  Thanks girls for such a fun evening of conversation.

The weather rolled in and showed out as we slept, and left me very nervous about the prospects of arriving home before Wednesday of the next week–so my weekend was cut short.  =(

Taco Salad to the Right, Taco's to the left, stuck in the middle with club soda!


I don’t know if any of you have ever tried a liquid diet, but this type of diet leaves you needing restrooms very frequently, and this was a challenge as I drove home in the icy road conditions. I made it home safe and now I propel myself onward with my liquid diet–which for me, leaves me HUNGRY all the TIME.  My stomach is constantly complaining ….my body is certain that that I am depriving it.  I know, that I have enough fat stores to survive a week or better without food — possibly a month, but my body is NOT convinced that I know what I am talking about.  I forge on hoping that my body will respond as Dr. Ard hopes it will–resetting and making weight loss possible.



This afternoon, I will meet with him for my week weigh in after starting the program.  I am wondering how this will go ….what do you think?  Did I lose?  I’ll let ya know.

I had a great weekend, in-spite of the weather …. blessings …S

4 thoughts on “DAY 23—Recap on days 20-22: Girls’ Weekend

  1. I am betting for a loss in lbs….:-) Can sympathize as high protein diet and aging call for lots of bathroom breaks. I have every public bathroom mapped on my 28 mi commute to and from work! Dunkin Donuts, Kohls, town hall rest rooms, medical centers you name it…..the inconveniences of life…I thought this was strange years ago when my mother in law mentioned it….now I know!

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