I am nervous as I head to UAB.  People are driving like they have lost their minds, every time they run upon large clumps of ice and snow (which has obviously fallen from a car), they slam on their breaks–this is NOT helping my nerves any.

Going back in time, when I planned today, I thought having a reformer class would be a GREAT idea to make sure that I was calm for my first weigh in.  Normally, this class stretches out all the kinks in my body and almost puts me to sleep, but today calm was not to be.  I was very wimpy in reformer.  My beloved “Trainer Nazi” told me this was to be expected and to work according to my strength. Don’t misunderstand, she will only be “nice” so long as … (according her grand son) “The Evil Dr. Ard” commands that I must limit my workouts to 3 hours a week.

My tummy doesn’t like the liquid diets–it keeps trying to eject these nutrients back to where they came from.  I am generally not feeling great. My blood sugar numbers have taken a ride on the high low roller coaster, and, over the course of the week as the nausea gets worse, I begin to have problematic thoughts about cheating.  I keep playing over and over in my mind how many people like these shakes — as if this will help — Oh NO not me.  I am however willing to do what ever it takes, and I tell Lindsey so as she takes me back to the “room” to weigh me.  My BP is high — but that could be from the exciting traffic or just the wonder of have I lost weight…..the wonder if all this will be worth the effort.

The Big Moment

I step on the scales, honestly not expecting much …. I lost 6 pounds.  I now weigh 249 pounds and have a BMI of 47, down from the 255 lbs. and a BMI of 51 of last week.

I have to say I was in shock.  I don’t feel smaller, I truthfully had the thought run through my mind … did they rig the scales? I am still having to let this soak in.  Dr. Ard said he could tell right away that I had lost weight; he is a funny guy.  Am I excited?  Yes.  I made the decision with Dr. Ard to keep using the shakes as he has prescribed them, and adding in a light walk every morning to kind of rev up my body–maybe make the BS numbers go down a bit.

I don’t want to mess with things too much because I don’t want to throw the weight loss off …… we have a long way to go and the 30 pound wall is looming in my future … I have to be smart.  It appears that Dr. Ard was on to something, so onward I go … cautiously optimistic that a skinnier healthier me is waiting in the near future!  🙂

Cheers ……S

15 thoughts on “THE WEIGH IN

  1. I found your blog a week before I started my OptiFast program, and I love to go back and match up your experiences. You’ve done so well on your programs! I am curious (and likely need to still read more) about when you started really working out again. The doctor told me to pretty much cut out workouts for the first 2 weeks of my program, then gradually add light-impact stuff back in.

    It’s so nice to see someone put it all out there with their struggles. Thank you!

  2. I’ve just found your blog and I’m so pleased that you’re losing weight on optifast. I’ve just started on meal replacement shakes and it’s so encouraging to see someone having success with them.

  3. Wooo hooo girly that is awesome !! I am so very proud of you for sticking with it despite it not being comfortable. You can do this !!

    Keep on keeping on – you rock !!

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