Day 27 and 11 Good MORNING!


Do I really believe that?  Yes, I collected my CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine yesterday and I used it for the first time last night.  I have to tell you that I woke up feeling positive, alert, and ready to tackle a few things. I cannot remember when the last time I woke up feeling this good, without anything exciting waiting for me.  And…today is just a regular day with all the leftover stuff from the week waiting for me to handle.  Can I tell you……I am excited about this development? If this is how  I feel after only one night connected to that machine–what will tomorrow bring.  🙂 Thanks Pat for sending me to get the sleep study.

In my hyper excited state, I began looking around the web at other weight loss, exercise, and training advice blogs, and came across one that had some good tips to share.  I have added a few of my own thoughts — but will give the link to the blog a little later so that you can follow if you wish.

Questions to ask yourself if you are not losing weight:

Am I working hard enough or putting the time in at the gym or into your exercise program?  –Or am I over training??

Try using a cool app for your smart phone, I use Lose it! from iphone, to track your progress.  You wouldn’t believe how much this helps you stay on focus.

My body had a set–my doc broke it by making me STOP exercising.  See this is why you need people who KNOW what they are doing on your side.  I LOST 6 pounds doing NOTHING.  Now, I won’t stay that way–Thank God–I love riding my bike!





Am I eating properly?

Again, using a cool app to track this will really show you exactly what you are eating.  Mine gives you the breakdown on sodium, calories, fat, fiber, and the like.  You can really see what you eat.

It is possible not to eat enough.  I was burning right at 2,500 calories resting — but eating only 1,200 to 1,400 calories.  This did not count my 30 mile bike rides or hour workouts with trainer that burnt a LOT!  We had to match my exercise to my intake; again I would never have figured this out without Dr. Ard–see he can’t be Evil!  hehe…

OR is the problem a combo of both?

If you journal or track your activities and eating in a journal or with a cool app, you will see where you are going off track and if you are.  If you aren’t, then you will have a record to take with you to the doctor.  Believe me; it helps.  It helped my Doctors to figure out that we would need a different approach to jumpstart my weight loss.

Am I sleeping well at night?

Not sleeping at night will cause a multitude of health problems; weight gain is one.  Again, I am really excited about my possibilities after one night of sleep!

Do I have any medical conditions that could be causing this problem?

You could have a combination of problems that are causing you to fail before you even set a foot into the gym or start your latest diet.  If you are female and your hormones are out of alignment–you won’t lose.  If your thyroid is out of order–you won’t lose.  Some medications will make it almost impossible to lose, you need a doctor that specializes in helping people lose weight.  They KNOW what to look for and what to check; it serves their purpose to help you loose weight.

The last, but not least, thought for the day; if you realize that the cause of your problems is YOU, and not your health — Don’t beat yourself up!  Grab a buddy, join a class, take a walk, and get out there and start.  When I first started exercising after a series of falls, all I could do was walk for 5 or 10 minutes on the treadmill, and I would have to lay down–it got better fast!

You may be like me and need the help of a qualified trainer. I have injuries that I have to be careful of, and my Trainer at the Greystone YMCA has the training I need to stay mobile.  She is able to keep me active even when my gimps flair up–I have to tell you all that has made the difference in my life.  Pre-trainer Nazi days, I used to fall regularly. All my working out would be blown because after the fall I would be immobile and then gain weight all over again.  Donna has kept me moving and I DON’T FALL  ANYMORE. YEAH! My tag line use to be, “Help! I fallen and I can’t get up!”  Even with all Donna’s help, I could NOT lose weight–that is the reason for the Angry Fat Woman Diary–and how I made it to the EatRight Program with Dr. Ard–Donna was also a BIG part of my meeting Dr. Ard!

Well, I am so excited about today and even tomorrow … why you ask?  I have NO idea, but I am gonna run with it and enjoy every second of it!

Many blessings to you all ….. I wish you the best in your journey….S

The blog I got the first three questions from.

10 thoughts on “Day 27 and 11 Good MORNING!

  1. AWESOME – thanks for sharing all that valuable information !!

    So glad you are feeling rested, energized and ready to go — I had heard that once you used the CPAP that you would feel so much better.

    Keep on keeping on !!

  2. Thank you for the link to my blog! I have read your blogs and I am now going to a part of your journey. You are an inspiration! Keep up the great work and keep plugging away. Anything you do is better than nothing. 🙂

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