Pressure was mounting, as I waited my turn to be weighed.  Would I be weighed and found wanting?  Gritting my teeth as I remember the tension. I had a doctor visit yesterday that I had to be weighed for; I told myself don’t look–YOU KNOW you are only supposed to weigh in at EatRight–but I peaked.  It wasn’t good; it looked like I had only lost a pound.  I told myself that I had my shoes on, but I was still worried.

So …today I arrive nervous at the EatRight clinic and a little confused about what to do and where to go…the receptionist wasn’t at the window for me to ask.  I knew where the classroom was …so I headed that way, and as it turns out that was where I was supposed to be.  I have to tell you that room is hot … I have decided that I am wearing shorts from now on and taking a chilly tie with me so that I can sit peacefully in that oven of a room.

,Well, the class is over and we are all sitting out in the waiting room, chatting away about what things are problems for us and what things work, while we wait to be ushered into “the Room.”  One by one people are leaving and heading back to the scales–I began to get more fidgety when Dean Jones gets called to the back.  Before I get called back, he comes out for some reason and announces he has lost another FIVE POUNDS!!  I called him a “DOG,” and expressed my desire to follow in his footsteps.

Shonnie Wilson …… oh …… it is MY TURN.  They take your blood pressure before you get on the scale: mine is always a little high — wonder why???  hehehe.  Well, I get on the scales and ………I weigh 244!  I have lost another FIVE pounds myself!  Yea!!!  I didn’t know how to read my slip until today…..I need to correct a few figures.

weight    BMI

First weigh    255      41.8

2nd weigh       249       can’t find my slip so I don’t know

3rd weigh      244      40.0

I was in such a good mood I came home, cleaned out the freezer, and reorganized it so that I would know what my hubby and son could actually eat in there.  Well, I came up with a great idea.  I’d make LASAGNA for my Hubby and Son–my oldest daughter helped, and made sure that I couldn’t lick the utensils.  Making this meal for them made me feel really good– to be able to cook  them such a treat myself was fun…..and…..they can handle eating it.  🙂  Somedays life is way better than imaginable.

Thanks Onnie for all your help!  =)

Goat and Ricotta Cheese mixed with herbs

Fresh Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes

All we need to do now is bake and top with their favorite Provolone Cheese!

Well … it is time for another YUMMY Shake — and I do mean that — because anything that works this well is YUMMY!

When I was all finished I snuggled up with a warm bowl of Tomato Soup. =) Notice that it is in my pretty bowl.

Kept myself focused with a nice warm cup of Chicken Bouillon while I cooked!


25 thoughts on “THE WEIGHT IN #2

  1. Shonnie Girl!! I want that recipe and you are AMAZING!!! What power of will you had that day!!!!! You keep it up!! Love ya!!

    • Haha … thanks….love you back. I will work on a recipe … I sorta cook by instinct….haha. I threw about:
      1 1/2 lbs. of ground beef–seasoned with onions, garlic, and different peppers that were in season (I had cooked and frozen this earlier–but you can brown it fresh and drain oil)
      One jar of your favorite pre-made Spaghetti Sauce
      half a small can of tomato paste
      1 can of Cream of mushroom soup
      Some minced onions from a jar — didn’t want to chop
      teaspoon or so of garlic–minced
      all into a pot to simmer

      Take a tube of goat cheese – 8 oz?
      Container of Ricotta cheese 12 oz?
      marscapone cheese
      fresh oregano and basil
      Mix this in with 2 or 3 beaten eggs

      Take a gynormous bag of spinach from Sams/Costco chop and saute lightly with TBS Olive Oil and a cup or more mushrooms of your choice.
      Just as it is about done throw in sundried tomatoes 2 tbs?

      Box o noodles

      Noodles –> Meat –> spinach mixture –> sliced Provolone –> Cheese Mixture –> Noodles –> meat sauce again –> spinach –> sliced cheddar –> Cheese Mixture –> Noodles –> Top with last of sauce — cook for 45 min covered and tinted foil — then 15 min or so with fav cheese topping.

      Understand I never get to eat this — but it doesn’t affect any of them.

  2. Boom! Congrats! Go pick up an 10 lb dumbell and carry it around for 30 min or more and you will see what you had before. Congratulations! Great Accomplishment!

  3. So Proud of you Shonnie. This is wonderful. I’ve been without a ‘puter so I’ve only been sporadically keeping up and I missed the first weigh in, but this is great news. You must have some strong will power!!! Keep it up!!!! But don’t torture yourself like that too often….the boys will understand. But what a sweetheart you are.

    • Tricia –Thanks sooooo MUCH! I appreciate all your encouragement–you are always there at just the right moments. Thanks! I think I am more crazy that strong of will power. I thought I WOULD DIE! Oh man! I won’t be doing that again for a while. But Mike sure was excited — I don’t think I have been complemented more on any meal I have ever made. I am just going to plan the meals out and prep them with Onnie so they will have what they need.

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so happy this is working for you……now, you are on a roll! Keep up the good work. You and Doc have the most delicious looking blogs EVER!

    • IT is VERY Happy! I am so Glad to be loosing on the HORMONES! NEVER happened before–You whipped my butt today — my BP dropped pretty low — sooooo Whooo knows I might be loosing meds soon. YEAH!

  5. Oh my gosh!!

    Where do I start?

    I knew that Shonnie and Andriana were putting together a food plan for me and Collin, so when she called today while I was working and said “Guess what you are having for dinner? . . . Lasagna.” I figured she had found a frozen one from the past. Then, she told me that they had made it from SCRATCH! I could not believe it. We had been trying to keep her out of the kitchen because this is challenging only drinking your food (see my comment on “The Temptations”). They had made it–she spent time making unbelievably delicious food that she would not allow herself to eat. UNBELIEVABLE!

    And delicious it was. In fact, it was the best Lasagna I had ever eaten–not even taking into consideration what went into the preparation. When I got home from work, the aroma was overwhelming. And to think, she had been in the house, overseeing the baking of it! Unbelievable.

    And she did not eat, not one taste. In fact, she has not deviated from the plan, not one iota. She has earned every ounce of those 11 pounds, and I would say a 5 pound bonus just for tonight!

    • Pinny—I was fine until it had been cooking for 45 min. OH…. man ….I was questioning my sanity at that point. I made it through!! I won’t be doing that again for a while! WE have opened up the house to let the smell out! hahaha I must have been NUTS!!!!!

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