Two Weeks in Picture Day

Today was WORKOUT DAY!  Yea!  (Yes, I am aware and am ignoring the fact that I said it was picture day–for as long as I can) 🙂

I do love Pilates Reformer–yes it is a tough class–but we laugh so much that it really make life grand!  Sadly, I do not have my normal strength right now, and was completely pooped afterwards.  Someday–there will be pics of me doing the class–I don’t know when.  Maybe by that time I won’t look quite so much like a Toad FROG!

Sadly, this is not how I look on the Machine!

A Quick Update on My STATS:

My Blood Pressure (BP) dropped really low after working out today (115/66), so I will be checking those numbers from this point on to make sure we don’t need to make adjustments in my medications — YeAh!  My Blood Sugar (BS) numbers have leveled back out and even though I am still on the higher dose of meds, I feel MUCH better because I am not swinging anymore.  I am very much looking forward to the day when we can cut my medications as DR. ARD said.  Yesterday, as I was bemoaning my fears that weight loss would stop at 30 pounds and try to rebound on me as so many times in the past, Dr. Ard said one of the nicest things anyone has ever spoken to me.  He said, “You need to think positive thoughts that you WILL reach your goal, and let me worry and make the plans on how to make sure that you do.”  His kind words left me with more hope, more hope than I have had in a while that I could make it through all this …. and may have played part in my over exuberant adventure in COOKING later in the day.

Notice all my Liquid foods ...... I made it through, without cheating ....... God only knows HOW!

Remember how excited I was about preparing my HUBBY and SON the LASAGNA??  Exactly, 45 minutes into the cooking time — I was regretting my “Great Idea!”  The smells kicked my rear so bad I thought I would DIE!  Mike was later getting home than he expected due to traffic (This meant I would have to smell this food LONGER)–he was going to run an errand before coming home–I put my foot down.  I notified him that he MUST come home NOW–or I would possibly harm him if he waited too long.  (That sounds funny — but I was serious — I could feel something akin to demonic forces welling within me).  Being the Good Hubby that he is, he complied, and saved us both the horror …. of God only knows what.  He, then, proceeded to shower me with praise befitting my sacrifice.  We both decided that I shouldn’t do that again for a while…….

…..Ok ….so I can’t put off the pics any further …..have I mentioned how much I HATE POSTING FULL BODY PICS of myself.  I am not quite as courageous as my buddy who lost THREE POUNDS today on her plan,  Hehehe — here I go UHHGGG!  It is hard for me to see where I lost the 11 pounds.  Donna–AKA the Trainer Nazi–announced to the class just as I had spread my legs wide, that she can see where I lost my weight ……I will leave you to figure out what that meant …. I still don’t know. 🙂

Before Program

Week 2

I don’t know bout you…

Week 2

Before Program

… I just have a hard time seeing the loss, and I am dressed in black today!?!?  I know I have lost 11 pounds … but I can’t see it!

Well…. here is to it showing up soon …. Cheers!

Many blessings on all your endeavors …..S

Mike said this one shows the change better

10 thoughts on “Two Weeks in Picture Day

  1. lady, I can see the loss, your face is slimmer and the shirt fits differently. I think in the first picture, wearing a baggy shirt hides the loss to the second picture in a more fitted one, but when you put the same shirt on again, look at how loosly it fits and look at the difference in your face! You’re lookin like the hot mama you are.

  2. I am glad I was there to help you make all the good food! I know if was hard when it cooked to resist. It always smells better when it cooks. Love that Italian food!! Go Mom!

  3. Shonnie! You are awesome!! I know how hard taking and posting those pictures had to be!! 11 pounds may not feel like much…but you can see a small difference and the next 11 will REALLY be felt!!! You keep it up!!!

  4. “let me worry and make the plans on how to make sure that you do.” Dr Ard

    honey, this is so like Father – ‘… don’t you worry about the *how*… I got it covered… you just show up.’

    love you!

  5. Great to have support like Dr. Ard to help see you through this. Much better than going it alone and trying to figure it out along the way.

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