My Goals

My DREAM! Swim, Bike, Run!

Update on yesterdays meltdown: Dr. Ard and Lindsey wrote back with options that worked!  Yea!! For the first time on the Optifast plan I wasn’t STARVING!

I am not so bad today.

I am hungry right now …. but that is because after carefully preparing my blender ball shaker …I left it at HOME!  Thankfully I did take my handy dandy strawberry brick with me….WHEW!  I am not sure that I will make it to 12:30 to eat though, and when I eat, I will put the protein and fiber in THAT shake.  😉  Lindsey called me this morning to make sure I was

My Handy Dandy Bricks

doing ok, and told me to add another shake if I still felt hungry and a even another scoop of protein……so…..I think we got this problem licked!

Saying the word licked makes me think of eating ….. and Donna ….. after I told her about my “FoodMare” (this is a dream about eating real food when you are on a liquid diet).  You will not believe what she did!!  She started talking about this wonderful place in Italy (she went there last year) and the scrumptious bread they have……and…….she described it.  You should have seen the look I gave her …. I articulated her need to take notice of the look in my eyes and think carefully about continuing … before I smacked her.  Don’t worry — after my threat we all had a good laugh!  You have to understand, Donna is this little Italian from New York, she is a complete mess!  That is probably why I love her so….even though she was mean and talked about my worst “FoodMare!”

One of the reasons that I push so hard and cling to my buddies when things get sticky, you know … the times when I want to CHEAT … (I post on FB, write my blog, call my mom, whine to Mike, or whine in class) … is ….because I have a goal that I really want to achieve.  I discovered, much like my buddy Fat Smoker 2 Ironman, that I have an addiction to adventure races–and I even want to do a real Tri–where you swim, bike, and run.  My husband and I did an adventure race as a team back in October.  He ran 7 miles, I biked 16.5, and we both rowed 5.5 miles (mind you we had the WRONG boat for a river with rapids).  We had the best time.  Yes, I was sore — but I had so much fun — I want to do the whole thing next year all by myself.  That may not happen this year, because of this diet, I can’t train like I would need to….BUT, if I lose the weight I want to lose, it will be so much easier to do the next year.  If I have to be a team with Mikey again this year, well, a team we will be!!

How’d I get interested in Triathlons?  Well, I love being out doors, and for years just wasn’t healthy enough to do much until I started training with Donna — yes, the stinker who highlighted my “FoodMare.”  She helped me be fit enough to get out.  As time has gone on I get out more and more.  Thanks Donna! Also, I have this buddy CC from high school, that I reconnected with on Facebook … he is an IRON MAN for real.  The more I looked at all his stuff, the more interested I became, and he is so generous in spirit, he would always encourage me to try things.  CC looked like he was having so much fun–Mikey and I jumped.  Another old friend, TF, from high school invited us to join him at an adventure race in TX, and well, we jumped completely off the deep end and LOVED IT!

……So …… now, I follow CC and all his MAJOR Iron Athletes at Breakaway Training, to dream of when I can do half that, and be very satisfied with myself.    I am following Fat Smoker 2 Iron Man, and Cammie J for good safe tips and advice on how to get in shape for where I want to begin at the end of this journey.

Cheer’s to ya …… and Hope ….. and Health ….. and a positive mental attitude …S

P.S. Yes, I got a GREAT nights sleep last night 😉

Me and one of my biggest motivators ..... My Grand Girly! Hehehe ... now if that isn't a motivation and inspiration, well... I don't know what is. 🙂 I just love those angles that make you look skinny ... hehe!


13 thoughts on “My Goals

  1. well I just wanted to tell you that you are awesome. You handeled Steve Fish Fry so well. I love you… I know it is very hard.

    • Greg — you are pretty awesome yourself! Thanks for always supporting me, reading my blog, sending me notes of encouragement. You have no idea how much it helps. I’m a gonna Geaux! For sure!

  2. i am so proud of you! there is absolutely nothing that says you can’t have a day that is – well – a real challenge, to put it nicely! love you!!!!! 🙂

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