Fish Fries and Dancing Shoes

Today is the FISH FRY!

A sample of the Fried Fare

Dorothy had her ruby slippers and so do I.

I love fried fish and shrimp, I am sure there will be salad, potato salad, french fries, and hush puppies too.  I am very hungry right now — it is 30 minutes before meal time — so I know I can make it.  I will be having a high protein shake, this will help curb the hunger pangs very shortly, but in the mean time it makes me think about what I will NOT be eating this afternoon, at my son-in-laws birthday party.  … be back in a sec …

…..Sorry about that, but it was time to eat, and it is very important to stay on schedule.  I really do not like the High Protein shakes.  I am not sure why, but they make me nauseous, think I will just stick to adding a scoop of protein to my regular shakes once the last two HP shake mixes are gone.

Everywhere I turn lately there are people talking about yummy foods, most of which are good for you, and would be on my diet, when I am actually able to eat.  On Facebook people are playing “lets name the ingredients” with fantastic photos of food!  Even the plates look good enough to eat.  I wonder if there really has been a rash of food talk or is it just that since I can’t chew anything I notice it?  Probably the latter.  One of my friends posted a video of a puppy raucously looking for food — that is exactly how I feel sometimes.

The good thing about todays outing is that all the food will be fried.  This makes me very dubious about how my tummy would react to such a rich treat, and gives me the hope that I will be able to resist no matter how scrumptious it smells and looks.  I just do not think adding fried food into my system would work well after almost 3 weeks of eating only liquids, my thinking on this is that I will need to introduce mild foods back into eating plan in order to actually gain the benefit of consuming them. [**After note** this was the hardest outing yet!  I guess it was being there for the entire cooking time that just about made me nuts.  I was beginning to be extremely agitated — thankfully — Mike noticed that it was time for us to leave just as the Cake was brought out!  I all but cried on the way home.  I held my own but it hurt so bad I could barely breathe.]

What I prepared to take. I consumed one shake to make sure I was full BEFORE I got there, and took plenty of liquids and a back up shake -- That I VERY Much NEEDED!

Pictures will follow later — much later — because my HUBBY is taking me dancing!  We are going to practice our Ballroom Dancing with another couple from our dance class.  This should be a LOT of fun and the really awesome thing is the husband of the other couple is none other than Dean Jones, and he is on Optifast as well.  So, we can support each other!  He has lost 33 pounds so far!

Well, it is a bright sunny cold day out and I am excited about my evening …. so off I go to prepare for the day …… until later …… Happy Healthy Eating ……S


I kept myself distracted with My Sophie girl! =)

I had WAY too much fun to remember to take pictures while we were dancing .... so the one before we left will have to do.

P. S.  Thanks Donna and Doc for asking us to go with you — we had an amazing time!  You all are the best!


9 thoughts on “Fish Fries and Dancing Shoes

  1. Great pictures! You look fantastic. Sorry you had a rough go of it at your outing, but congrats for sticking to your program. If it was always easy to do what is best for our bodies and souls, there’d certainly be a lot fewer blogs out there. As for dance, good on you. My brain has never had a firm grasp on where the various flailing parts of my body are. Clumsy is an understatement…I had trouble with the “walking in place” workout! Keep up the great work.

  2. Somebody once told me that having goals was great, but not enough in itself, and that, when it got tough (fish fry!), you would cave if you didn’t have more. The “more” was desire–the “why” you have your goal. You are keeping your desire in front of you–to truly LIVE YOUR LIFE and do the things you’ve wanted but have heretofore had robbed from you. I see that helping you, even when you have physical and emotional struggles over all this. You are kicking butt from where I stand–even (and primarily) when you feel weak. Go Babe!

    • Thanks — I had fun last night, even when we couldn’t figure out what to do with our feet, or had to completely stop because of the cute and really old couples–may that be us. =D

      • We are on our way to dancing (and ridiing, and hiking, and kayaking, and whatever else we want) all the way through!

  3. Shonnie- this picture proves you are a beautiful woman on the outside, but your steadfast determination to do make yourself even better proves you are a beautiful person through and through. I’m so proud of you.

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