Focus and ReFocus

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” –Winston Churchill

I was having one of those moments last night and wrote out what I was feeling, I will share it with you in a sec, but right now I thought it would be more fun to share the quote I found that helped me refute my weak flailing thoughts.  There is a LOT of difficulty taking back your health … fighting to regain control of a body that has lost its health…, sometimes a girl has gotta reboot her brain so-to-speak.  I have a saying that many misunderstand and think is negative, but it reminds me that life is guaranteed to have its challenges. It reminds me to I grab, and cling with gusto, to every good thing that comes along.  The saying?  “Life is hard and then you Die, so look for the good and savor it like fine chocolate ….. Let the good melt on your tongue nice and slow.”

I truly Feel Supported! In both Good and Bad Moments!

What is the good today?  I have LOST 16 pounds to date, and I have the very real potential to continue with equally good success for some time to come.  I have a GREAT and Supportive Hubby, the best supportive kiddo’s, Great DR. and team at UAB, Some of the BEST FRIENDS on the Planet, and a growing number of fellow healthy journeyers!  I AM BLESSED.

Now, back to the weak moment …

It is still the day of my additional FIVE pound weight loss … and yet …. I am hungry!  How could frustration follow so closely on the heals of success?  I find that I am craving FOOD.  I want real food, meat and veggies ….. NOT liquid nourishment.  I am whining quietly to you, and trying NOT to make my hubby feel bad about the pizza that he just ate, that has created a heavenly baked smell throughout our home.  He is a supportive sweetheart, and though I know he will read this, at least for now, he can enjoy his meal in peace.

I am very excited about my 16 pound over all weight loss–but I just want some kind of food–TO CHEW!  Gum just does not cut the food category — I want salty, savory main meal food.  Only the soups are salty, and they just do not sit on my tummy well.  They taste just fine–they just do not want to stay down–who knows why?? The Shakes go down with ease and fill me up very nicely–but they are ALL SWEET!  I guess it is hard to make savory foods in this controlled of a situation. …….ahhhhahaha ….POOH!  (you can insert your favorite swear word there — I have given them up for the Grand Girly — hehe)

Will I cheat?  NO.  I will whine, and I will groan, and I will gripe and complain ….. but it would be most unlikely that I would EVER cheat.  I realize that I am a normal human being and I could fall down — but I have gone through tougher things before — so, I should be able to make it through.  I want to lose this armor of fat that I have surrounding my body, and I want to arrive at a NORMAL healthy weight.  I cannot do that if I quit.  I am NOT a quitter.

We talked in class about not making weight loss our goal — but that is the ONLY reason I suffer through this — just being honest.  I DO NOT know if I can make myself do this if I am not losing weight.  I have been working hard for more than five years on healthy eating; I do have most of that down; I am sure there are things that I could learn.  I always keep my eyes open to see and ears ready to hear.  I know that I want off my medicines — this — seems to be the doorway that is working, at the moment, to get me closer to my desired goal.  I want to be at a healthy weight, I want to be fit, and I want to find the answer to keeping my body in that desirable state.

With the battle renewed afresh … hot on the heals of my recent success; I tell myself that I will be able to do what is necessary, and I know that is true.  I will trust these Doctors even though somedays I just don’t want too.

Interruption….I look around what is that? I can’t distinguish if my phone is vibrating or my tummy is rumbling — Oh … it was my tummy.  I would think it was something I ate but I haven’t eaten anything!  🙂

Again, Life happens everyday — my plan is to squeeze the life out of and enjoy every ounce of every good thing that comes my way. ~~late add in~~ this is my opportunity to learn to trust my Docs, rely on friends, and family–garnering strength from their hope … to believe.


Cheers .... It is time for me to grab a SHAKE! Happy Healthy Eating ..... for those of you who can chew .... S

8 thoughts on “Focus and ReFocus

  1. Just keep on keepin on, Shonnie! Just keep thinking of all the health benefits that will come with this weight loss and smile. Just think about working hard and “seeing something for all your hard work”……you are doing it! You have to embrace this, enjoy it, and just keep on going! Dance through it…….go ahead, get up and dance!

  2. The determination to conquer this, together with the support systems and people you have in place will enable you to get what you want. You are not letting go even in your duress. That’s awesome.

  3. Very interesting that weight loss is not the goal. I guess maybe “feeling great”, “having more energy”, “more freedom” etc is the goal. I like that. Proud of you for kicking some booty.

    Controlling your environment is huge. If it were me NO pizza in the house. Especially not heated pizza. Maybe cold pizza outside. lol

    • Greg … thank you for your encouragement! You are the best! I would normally do just what you are saying. When I have done other diets — we all eat the same food — BUT there is NO food with this diet. My poor fellows have to cook what they know how, because after that lasagna that I made — I know it would KICK my BUTT good to do that. This means sometimes they cook stuff while I sit in my bedroom with the DOOR shut and a air purifier on. hahaha — it helps — just not enough.

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