Shopping … Pics … and yes, I am FINE


Yes, I am Fine, Fine as Frog hair! 🙂


I decided yesterday that, “Yesterday” was the day I was going to add some Sugar Free Flavors to my shakes. Yes, it was the time to add some “pop” into my morning/day … not the snap, crackle, pop cereal variety … and not some Flava Flave (or how ever you spell his name — sorry if I got it wrong) … eweew.  Sorry, I just gave myself a bad mental picture. (Shaking her head to clear it …. she continues on with her thoughts ….) I came to this decision because when mixing the shakes with Ice they lose some or all of their oomph.  🙂

I dressed myself and headed for the store ….. the store would be laden with trials and temptations …. how would I do?  I pulled up, actually very excited about shopping — this is one of my favorite stores — World Market. 🙂  I love to look at the cool

Food Felonies #1 Even though I am not a big Chocolate fan ... they were tempting.

dishes and other chachkies (AKA Dust collectors) they have there.  I was on the hunt for sugar free syrup flavors–wouldn’t you know they were all the way in the back of the store!! Past the Chocolate, past the cookies, past the chips and popcorn, and all the other edible goodies on the very back wall.

Its on Sale .... that has to mean it is a GOOD THING ...right?


Well, I made it out alive, in case you were worried.  I did not eat any of the goodies off the shelf … although I did glare at them and take pics of them.  I didn’t grab a bag of goodies and rip them open and consume them like a wild woman … the manner I think, a 3 week food deprived soul should have done … in maniacal wild eyed frenzy.  NO, I just took pictures.  Can’t you just see the faces of the women in the store, the quizzical looks trying to understand the reason for this large woman taking pictures of food products and herself.  The clerks kept asking me if I needed help.  I kept telling them NO I was fine (said with a smile), but they seemed concerned … as if I

I wasn't trying to look sad ... but it must have shone through... =(

was doing something strange and out of place.  (Shaking my head, and giving them the evil eye)  I have NO idea what they were concerned about.

I found myself looking at the plates — I love to collect pretty plates.  I mix and match them.  Attractive plates make even small amounts of food feel celebratory … don’t cha think?  🙂  Just as I was about to call my honey and share with him my desire for purchasing some new plates/saucers ….. I realize it will be months before I have anything to put on a PLATE OF ANY KIND!  WHAA!  So, I decide that I will get a few new eye catching bowls, I only have the one really cute set of bowls … you know … you have seen them pictured on here.  That’s what I could do ….. I could get some pretty bowls instead to eat my tomato soup out of.  I also, got some beef broth to add to my soup with some very cool spices there.  Yeah!  Sorrow diverted.  Fetchingly beautiful bowls, especially new ones make the food taste splendiferous don’t cha know.  hehehe

P.R.E.T.T.Y. My Treasures

I came home with my treasures, and had to try out my new Irish Creme syrup, it was GREAT!  Of course, I kind of did a no-no, I made my hubby’s roast beef sandwich meal, and that kind of made me hurt.  He got mad at me for doing it — said I shouldn’t make myself suffer more than necessary.  I just wanted to hang with him longer.  I hate how long it takes for him to cook something, by the time he is done, it is time to go to bed.  I feel like a kid being punished in my room for hours while he cooks — so I took action!  Anyway … Like I told Mike … Somehow, just the griping about the food I can’t eat, and the process of taking pictures of my enemies seems to disempower them and give me the ammunition to hold my own.  So …. there!  I will cook what I want to cook, and suffer as much as I want to suffer, and whine as much as I want to whine!

Meal Time Torture

Mikey, Likes it! ....shhhh don't tell anyone ... but Shonnie would too!

Collin, diggin' IN!

Life’s good ….. even if I can’t chew….S

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