My Cruiser

Yesterday’s scheduled workout — was canceled.  I kept thinking I would go into the gym, but we worked on the last sand down of the doors and drawers for my cabinet.  Then, I received a wonderba surprise, my honey came home and wanted to hang out … what’s a girl ta do?  Hang out … Of Course!  🙂 ……So … …… I’m thinkin’……BIKE RIDE!  YeaH!  I love riding bikes … don’t cha know.  (smiling)

Old pic on the trail. Mine and Mikey's matching cruisers

Up to this point I have not had boundless energy … Lindsey (Optifast Program Director) assures me that this will get better.  If anything I am a GIANT WEENIE!! I hope she is right and it gets better LIKE TODAY! I am so ready to feel good.  I have gotten better with each week … remember the nausea?  Whew (wiping my forehead) … thank goodness that is GONE …. so, I guess there is help.  🙂

I really want to go out to the nice trail for a LONG scenic cruse on Chief Ladiga Trail, but I am not sure that my body is truly up to the task.  The debate rages on … Beauty over Comfort …To ride on the tough trail or to ride at the school where I can manage the intensity of the terrain.  The trail is only tough because how ever far your peddle out — is how far you have to peddle back — this can be a doozy on the rear and cause a burn in the legs.  There are hills out there.  Usually you have mucho energy riding out but …. on the trek back … well, you can end up whining … just sayin’.  Wish I was like my buddy CC who can knock down 100 + miles after swimming and then run a whole marathon — well — we know who the Iron Man is, and it AIN’T me!

I’ll let cha know what happens.  I will try to be good and take a few pics of our outing, sometimes I just get so distracted by all the fun.


Check y’all Later …. here’s hoping you’re out and about …. moving ….S



3 thoughts on “Cruisin’

  1. I hope you have a good time doing what you like to do with your honey. It seems to me that Mike is a wonderful husband. I am so happy to see that because you truly deserve the best. I love ya cuz and have lots of Faith in ya.

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