Hello … it’s Sunday

Me After Grocery Shopping -- Don't cha think I look peaceful?

I am sure you know what day it is …. but it has been a Wonderful Sunday.  My fabo hubby went with me to the grocery store: this is the first time that I have shopped — really shopped since I started OptiFast.  My hubby and oldest daughter have been keeping me away from tempting food.  Food that would NEVER be tempting …..IS…..tempting when you can’t chew.  I think I did really well — even better than when I went to World Market.  🙂

We had a BIG day yesterday, and then we spent the better part of today just lazying around with each other!  NICE.  It has been wonderful to lay around, but I must confess, my body isn’t appreciating it.  I have aches and pains where I shouldn’t have aches and pains — gotta keep moving.  🙂

I thought I would share with you the photos that I took yesterday — a photo journal if you will — of our activities yesterday.  NEXT time we go Dancing ….. Donna and Dean Jones …. we gotta take pics.  Dean Harold Jones is losing it big time on OptiFast.  I am working hard to follow in his footsteps — he even made it on a trip when the airline lost his food — I have to say I was very impressed by that.  WTG Dean Jones!  It is beyond wonderful having them as a support team, Donna as my Trainer and Dean Jones … because we are walking this path together.  It is nice to have a buddy who is sporting his shakes too.  🙂

Pictured below is a snap shot of what my average week looks likes on OptiFast:


I have not changed my allowed Calories since starting OptiFast ... so my real goal is 800 to 900 per day.

I really love the Lose it program … they even have an online for tracking even if you don’t have an iPhone.  Love being able to track no matter where I am.  🙂  Keeps me honest with myself.

I was really excited that I didn’t tire out as much as I thought I might on our ride.  Mike and I biking:

Our Cruisers Cuddling before we Ride!


This is me taking a pic over my shoulder of My Hubby .... left him in the dust ... haha! Not really.

I'm actually happier than I look!

I accidentally took a video of me riding the bike …. if I can get it cleaned up …. maybe I will share it.  haha  🙂

Mike and I before we went out to Dance–Next time we are going to take pics while out:

Until tomorrow …. Happy Eating for all you folks that get to chew …..S


17 thoughts on “Hello … it’s Sunday

  1. Shonnie, I can definitely tell in your face. You are so beautiful inside and out so I can’t say you look even more beautiful, but you look very happy and healthy. And, beautiful as always. I am just wondering how you get the energy to do all these things. I am going to have to start slow, maybe swimming or something and then move up. You are helping me to become motivated, now if I could get the energy!! 🙂

    • Awe, Tammy, Thanks!

      Be encouraged! When I first started getting active ….. well…..I would walk for 5 or 10 minutes and then I would HAVE to LAY down. One thing at a time. =) I took baby steps to get active. Still, on this diet, I have to rest a LOT more than I like. Yesterday and today were mostly slow moving days. Tomorrow will be more active.

      I love being active and seeing how much more I can do. Right now I feel like I have had to take 10 steps back in activity to go 15 steps forward in weight loss. I would love it if you would share on here what new things you decide to try. =D

      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by and giving me a shout out.

      Blessings …..S 🙂 Cheers to more energy to US.

  2. You look great~ You are so pretty all the time anyway; I’d love to have your nose and smile, so there. 😉 I have read along and I think you are doing great; your hubby looks proud of you, I mean, he’s smiling ear to ear in pics w/you. You are blessed, a child of the most High God, a royal Princess, and don’t you forget it~~

  3. You are doing so GREAT on the program, and I know you’ll reach your goal before too long. Think about how yummy you’re going to look in your new skinny clothes whenever you feel like eating. Or treat yourself to a new pair of earrings or something for every small goal that you meet. Anything to keep you excited and revved up.

  4. Just read your post, I am so proud of you. I can really tell you have lost these pounds. Did you try the flavors? Try making a slushy out of the shake and eat it one time a day. If my husband is ever off on another Saturday or Sunday we should go biking with you guys. I am sure you would blow us out of the water or off the trail I should say. Will I see you on Friday at reformer?

    • Debora …. riding with you and your hubby would be AMAZING! That would be so FUN! Will you all be at Dance tonight? Hope to see you! hehehehe! Thanks for visiting — you have no idea how much it means! 🙂

  5. Shonnie,

    You look beautiful and I know you feel great! Keep up the good work and just think of the worst tasting food ever when you get to craving something:)! Most of all think of the 16 lbs you have already lost and how many more you are going to loose! So proud of you!


    • Thanks Jennifer …. I am getting to the feel great part. This has been a major change for me and so my body rebelled a little. I have to say, I could have ridden MUCH longer, but i didn’t want to over do it and make it hard to stick with the program. 🙂 I will … thanks for your kind words. They mean more than I can say.

  6. You just keep on going……Shonnie, soon you will NOT crave the food, soon you will NOT feel the hunger, soon you will NOT miss the chewing….I know that you are “thinking” about the food that you are not eating…..and this may be why you feel hungry or denied. Once you get through the “thinking” about it, you will be so successful. You don’t like sweets….you do like the carb/salty stuff…….and most of the optifast taste is sweet……BUT you HAVE LOST 16 pounds in ONLY THREE WEEKS…….think about that!!!!!! You havve lost 16 pounds in only three weeks, it is already showing, you are glowing, you are looking beautiful, and people around you are noticing and commenting!!! OPTIFAST IS working for you….when nothing else would. You just be encouraged and keep going. I know you can do this and continue to have success and meet your goals. Just enjoy the fact that UAB, the EVIL Dr. Ard, and Optifast is “kicking the butt” of your metabolism and you are seeing results, your husband is seeing results and loving it, you kids are seeing results, you friends at the YMCA are seeing results, your trainer are seeing results, your parents are seeing results, and your friends are seeing results……………enjoy that! I am so proud of you! Keep on dancing, girl. See you tomorrow night at the studio!

    • I am thinking about it girl … 16 pounds is a LOT. I hope you are right about the craving stuff. 🙂 That would be nice. You are right it is working … thanks for being proud of me, supporting me, and getting me to the UAB EatRight program. Love ya bunches and will see you tomorrow NIGHT! 🙂

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