Day before the WEIGH IN …..

Pondering ...... what will tomorrow bring?

I have been very silent today ….. pondering tomorrow … and moving slowly.  My workout plan was interrupted by two things: a beautiful grand baby girl, and feeling kind of puny.  It was great this morning …. all my stored up fluid ran off my body, and I weighed less than the days before …. but dang it all it came BACK!  Now, I am back up there.  I know, I know, I am NOT supposed to weight except at EatRight … but dang it to somewhere special….I gotta cheat somewhere!  I am human ya know?!?!

I started off pretty good, I cooked.   Yes, I know we established that I shouldn’t do that ….. but we also established that I could suffer as much as I wanted too.  The deal is this … Mike and Collin would be happy to eat just junk, and I just don’t like that idea.  BESIDES, I am used to feeding them.  So….I cooked a meal that would make me hungry from the smell of it, but my mind would say, “Shonnie, (yes, I call myself by name–doesn’t everyone?) that will make you belch and have acid reflux.  It will on taste good for a few minutes and will burn all night.”  I was very convincing.  😉

My hubby was very excited and I was happy because they were happy and I snuck in some veggies on them to boot.  I took a few pics for you:



Ground beef cookin'' with onions, garlic, and a few hot peppers for my honey. It smelled GREAT! Don't chat know. 🙂

This next picture is the reason that I just cannot eat this dish.  You will see the large white glob of sour cream in the middle of 1 can of Cream of Mushroom and 1 can of Cream of Celery–all of which is just tooo rich for this chicks blood.  Hence the reason they were treated with a dish that girly-girl can’t eat anytime.


The DH's favorite add in food ..... the big white glob. Don't worry his numbers are perfect--I am not harming him!

It tastes better than it looks. =)

Notice the bright veggies …. now ….. they were a challenge not to consume!


My food ..... compared to his .... *sigh* =)

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be another Happy Dance for me ….. until tomorrow …. Many blessings …..S

8 thoughts on “Day before the WEIGH IN …..

  1. Isn’t that just the hardest part? I have to cook for others too – but I try and just completely go onto auto pilot with it – I look forward to your weigh in results – and when the grand babies interrupt the day – it’s definitely the best interruption in the world! :o) Good luck xxx

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