Day 46 – OptiFast 28

Hello …out there…out there…out here.  Sometimes, it seems as if I am speaking into an empty canyon, and the only person who answers back is my own disembodied voice.  Often times, in the past, when I have begun an odyssey such as the one I am on now, I feel alone, isolated, misunderstood, judged, weighed and found wanting …. But NOT this time.  I have to say that most of the people who are speaking to me  … the empowering words that exhort me … both on and off my blog, on a daily basis; these wonderful people have been around for a while.  I did not always realize that they were there ….. As people tend to do ….I traveled along my path sadly self-absorbed, and devoid of the help that was so close at hand.  I have always had some more vocal friends that let me know they were on my side and believed me, a very NICE thing — you guys and gals KNOW who you are!  🙂  Thanks!

I must not forget to mention my VERY supportive family.  🙂

Notice the wire in the window ..... that is to keep you in ... once you get in you can't get out. That one in the middle is my frequent friend.

I was thinking about all this as I sat outside the torture room (Pilates Reformer Room)–I snapped you a few pics as I waited and pondered.  This time …..well, I started my blog ….Then I stuck my neck out and shared it with a few friends ….and some of them have shared as well …. Gosh it has just been amazing!  I know I say that frequently, but it is TRUE.  There are new voices from the blog, the clinic, and more friends are joining my get healthy parade.  🙂  It almost seems that around every corner I find a new source of encouragement and hope.  How exciting can a girl’s life get?  🙂  Then, today, I go to my reformer class, and, to my amazement, I find many of my fellow students of torture are following along with my crazy adventure …I cannot tell you how enheartening their excited cheering for my milestones was.

In keeping with reality; I should mention that last night I had a mini meltdown when going through some of my numbers, I rushed off an email to my Dear DR, and to my Trainer Nazi.  THEY BOTH blew my mind by replying to my concerns quickly, and giving me the info I needed to quiet my mind.  🙂  Again, I am blessed!

I have to say it again, the most amazing part of this tour around the diet world is the how many people are in my corner.  It just makes me feel like I can do anything — that I have got it made in the shade.  🙂

Then reality creeps in again ….. And there are the meltdowns, the mood swings, the fatigue (that have gotten Massively better), and then there are the pitfalls and plateaus that I have not yet faced.  So …. boy am I Glad that I am well armed with encouragers, and a PLAN.

Always — Always — Always be prepared with shakes and a protein boost before and after workouts!

You all have a FANTASTIC DAY …..S

Oh….. hahaha …… here are those nasty comparison pics …… haha I almost forgot.  😉 …yeah …Right!

Before OptiFast Program Dec 2010

Today, Feb 2, 2011



18 thoughts on “Day 46 – OptiFast 28

  1. Looking great! Congrats on all of your successes so far. I love all of the pictures, as they are very inspirational. Keep up the great work!

  2. You may find a new career after you REACH YOUR GOAL!!!!!! I enjoy reading your thoughts and comments, maybe you should think about a career in writing. Looking GOOD
    See you next week at the prison camp sorry I meant to say Y

    • Thanks Cathy — the typical weight loss slows down around this time — I hoping to follow Dean Jones and keep loosing around 4 pounds a week for a few weeks more. 🙂 Thanks for always being here. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful woman Mike married! Knew him when he was a teenager at our church. You inspire me to become madfatgrandma:)maybe Ill look into medfast.

    • Thanks Margie. I think he is pretty special–and quite cute to boot–hehe! You can look into which ever one you want to look into. 🙂 I do like the program I am in … my doctor is the one over OptiFast for the US — so I am sure he could hook you up with someone good. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Shonnie

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