Hurdles and Blockades

I sat pondering this fine Saturday morning about a wide range of things, even considering my cloudy early-morning-brain. First, I was wondering where my grand daughter was, because I was supposed to babysit this morning.  Then, I started thinking about what Mike and I would do when he got off work and, finally, what would I write about today.  I have made a commitment to myself to post something everyday.  As things turned out, my hubby and son-in-law finished early, and he (son-in-law) took my cute little girly home with him, so all I had to think about was what was I gonna write.

I migrated from my G-baby to thinking about how to set a goal. What would be a good goal to set?  Not one so hard that it can’t be reached in a reasonable time.  Then, hocus-pocus and abracadabra, magically, on the television, a young girl hopped in her beaus’ strong arms and kissed him for a while …. Now, that is a goal I could see myself shooting for.  🙂  I would LOVE to jump in up in my Mikey’s arms.  I would LOVE to be small enough for Mike to pick me up in his strong arms and kiss me …. without the worry of breaking his back.  I have to tell you I am at least 80 pounds from that one … actually, it may never be possible, because even 80 pounds lighter I would weigh 150 pounds — that is a lot to pick up and twirl around — even though Mike is strong. Back to the drawing board — what would be a more realistic goal?  Well, I know what pressed forefront in my mind — to weigh less than Mikey.  To take that goal back even smaller, I would like to weight less than 220.

As I sit here working to keep myself doing just as Dr. Ard tells me to do …. not thinking about what might happen or might NOT happen. I am sure this is why I am having a hard time setting my goals. I do not know how to deal with this next, and very crucial blockade that faces me — just around the corner — maybe even now.  I am aware that I am but 5.5 pounds from the bounce back point.    Fear

Spring is such a hopeful season

and trembling surges through my soul when I say the words aloud–writing them down is horrifying–it seems, oddly enough, that this act makes my thoughts … LAW … and increases probability the dreaded doom wall, not just a frivolous concern. Looming like a black cloud in front of my hopeful horizon …. is the wonder … will I break the 220 point or will I stall out as before?

The good news is I am only 5.5 pounds from where I was this time last year — so that means I am smaller and on my way to being healthier — very good things.  I have much more support this time around and DR’s who don’t take lightly the things I have endured in the past.  They do not ply me with with trite cliches: “Push back from the table,” “if you put more into it this you would get more out of it,”  and the beat goes on.  Nor have they suggested that maybe I get up in my sleep and eat as a plausible reason for why I can move no further.  These doctors, trainers, friends, and family all know that I am giving it my all … and so do you … I guess if you can believe what you read.  🙂  This is what is different …. this time … I tell myself over and over that THIS time things are different, and that I will move forward and I will get to the place where I weigh less than Mikey.

So my goal for the next two weeks is to break 230.

Goal for the month would be to make it to 225

These may be a stretch, given that the next few weeks the weight loss norms for OptiFast should be on target to slow way down.  =(  If they are I will have to just reevaluate them and come at it again.  Even if all I lose is a pound — that is a pound in the right direction.  That is what I tell myself when I drink these shakes day after day …. Onward and upward, never give up and never quit — Never ever quit!

Later this evening, we dance.  Can you see me smile?  I love Dancing as much as bike riding — both make me laugh, smile, and have a happy mind set.

Dreaming of sunny warm beaches.... and long bike rides

So, Cheers …. warm sunny wishes …..S

15 thoughts on “Hurdles and Blockades

    • hahaha Fat Smoker! Thank you so much for the sign! I had a rare moment where I slept in today. We had a great night Dancing — We danced for almost 2 hours. GREAT NIGHT! I will be posting shortly. You have no IDEA how much your comment blessed me. 🙂

  1. With regard to goals… there’s a certain amount of practicality, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with being audacious. I’m getting ready to start my second stint of Optifast. I stopped so I could travel Europe for 2.5 weeks… lugging everything around the world was not practical. I’m 34. I was 34 when I started this grand experiment. My goal was go get to the 190’s. My PA thought that was reasonable until I said that’s what I weighed in high school. Then she backed off. To be honest, 180 has always been my goal weight. However, I averaged a loss of 20 pounds per six-week session, including the six weeks where they converted me back to real people food. I now weigh less than I did when I graduated from high school. Sixteen years ago. I got so excited, I’m willing to put myself through it again to get to a healthy weight. Don’t get me wrong, my current weight is healthy, but I can be truly healthy where I don’t have as much strain on my joints and spine (since I’m already falling apart). All that to say, be audacious! Don’t let anyone tell you not to dream big regarding your weight loss. Optifast is a superb tool. And as encouragement… I’ve been on real food for the last four months and lost three more pounds (that was okay because continued weight loss is the long term goal here). And I still eat dessert or my favorite meal of all time… roast beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy. I cut out soda completely and only miss it every once in a while. So find the sweet spot for you… that place between reasonable and outrageous. Audacious is worth shooting for!

  2. Well I am not even 150! So I will have work on that. I have lost a couple of pounds since you started on your journey. I love you. You are very strong. I love you.

    • AWE…. your are the best girl. Well, girl you better get on this ride with me — beat me down! hehehe! You and I gotta get that cage for riding miss Sophie around so we can RIDE together. I know you will kick my butt — you are ONE TOUGH COOKIE.

  3. Do a “swing” for us…..since we cannot go dancing tonight! Enjoy the band; they are really good! Keep up the good work, Shonnie….like you said, one pound in the right direction is the way to go!

    • I did some swing and even some hug and cuddle stuff just to get to dance. We like to have killed ourselves trying to do the east coast swing to a west coast swing song. OUCH! It was FUN!!

    • yeah it is ….. Those are pics from when we were riding at New Years in Destin, FL. Stops on our bike ride. Very fun to ride down there except when the wind kicks up, when there is a strong wind you can barely peddle. It was a NICE day. Longing for some more of that.

  4. I really like how you’re setting SMART goals. A lot of us don’t reach our goals because we shoot for things that are unrealistic. I think you will definitely reach your weight loss goals and be a success!! Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

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