Love and Pictures

Love manages to lift us to places that no mere bout of discouragement can leave us wrecked on the shores of life.  Maybe sadness can survive for a blink, but never for long … not when there is Love.  I experienced so many uplifting comments, personal notes, and wise sayings that were emailed, posted on my diary, and posted on my FB (Facebook) page …. Thank YOU!  My hubby came home, and he knew exactly what to do to get my mind off of me.  🙂  He took me shopping.  Since this is our Anniversary Month, Valentines Month … well … we ended up looking for some NEW BLING!  This bling was for losing 20 pounds … so … it couldn’t be HUGE.  We did find a happy.  🙂

Don't faint .... they are White Topaz with cute little diamon chips -- they sure do sparkle. hehe!

I was TRYING to smile ... things got better... =)




Before we did that we took the DREADED photos.  So at the end of this post you will see the DREADED photos.  I was still trying to work myself in the mood to allow Mikey to cheer me up. The photos were NOT doing it … UNTIL …  Until I tried on a pair of jeans that I have not been able to wear since July (then they were tight like the skinny jeans), they fit comfortably,now — in some places loose!  I went to the closet and tried on this black fitted shirt that I have not been able to wear either — IT FIT.  So, that was my first reason to smile.  I tried to smile in the pic; forgive the pitiful effort.  I will tell you more about the shopping trip later; first, I want to share a few motivating comments that I received over the last two days.


I stole a quote from my DML’s (Dear Mother-in-Law–she is dear by-the-way) FB status this morning:

‎”To console does not mean to take away the pain but rather to be there and say, ‘You are not alone, I am with you. Together we can carry the burden. Don’t be afraid. I am here.’ That is consolation. We all need to give it as well as to receive it.” ~ Henri Nouwen

I have to tell you all … this is what you all have given me.  You have given me such a precious gift … I am so glad that I started this venture and that you all have joined in.  Thank you for being such an enormous blessing in my life.  I pray God bless you richly for the gifts that you are to me.  🙂

I had several other really wonderful quotes that I wanted to share with you:

Lisa said, “Expectations lead me to disappointment every time…….all is as it should be. Love you :-)”

At first, I got caught on that one.  I had to read it again and think on it … then, it made perfect sense and brought comfort to my soul.  See, the truth of the matter is that I lied to myself with my goals.  I made a realistic goal on paper and the blog, but deep in my heart was this goal–my real goal–that was only barely achievable.  I am glad it was in my heart.  I am glad that I didn’t make the goal, because now I know to check myself and then remind myself that it is OK to shoot for the stars … but I NEED to remember that when I don’t make it … that that is just part of the risk you take when you hope.  I WILL NEVER STOP HOPING! … so … I guess … failure will just have to be part of my life.  🙂

This next comment on my blog made me Laugh Out Loud — a true LOL comment!  I could see myself in a picture, a picture of me, with my rear in the air, trying to pull up my boots!  hahah  This one still makes me smile, and I want to giggle, even now:

Margie W said, “Years ago I had a picture of myself bending over, pulling myself up by my bootstraps (those are the loops on the top back of cowboy boots!) and realized I couldn’t raise my hands to praise the Lord and pull on the bootstraps at the same time. Sooo I had a choice….and sometimes I make the right one:) HE is always faithful at pulling me out of a funk.”

Margie, you are right; God came along with my Mikey, who took me shopping — sure cure for the blues. Then this morning my little ray of sunshine came to visit.  She always makes dark days fly away in-the-light-of-her-love.  Then her Popi, he just knows how to be a FRIEND!  He wanted to take me to purchase a new top, BUT we both thought better of that.  We went instead to the jewelry store and then to the BOOK store!  I love BOOKS!  I got a fun reading book by one of my favorite authors and then a reference book — in hard back – – a NEW THESAURUS (Mike even ordered me a second one, this one it is my favorite, in hardback.  Can you see me grinning from ear to ear?).  I broke my other one in half, it was paperback.


my Treats =D

me playing with my sunshine


Remember this photo? Jan 6th The only real way you can see a change is my face (some--cuz I was pouting) and then if you look at the sleeves -- there is extra room in the ones taken Feb 9th.

I was still kinda being a pill Feb 9

Mike said I needed a Tighter Shirt ... I am still pouting.

And remember this beauty ... Jan 6

Feb 9th can't tell much so..

... You guessed it ... Mikey said I needed a tighter shirt . YUCK! But better.

Have I mentioned how much that I hate photos?  Oh well, you can at last see the change in these pics.  This also helped my feelers yesterday.  Maybe, I am bold enough now to go shopping for a blouse.  🙂

Peace and blessings to ya ……. S


14 thoughts on “Love and Pictures

  1. Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine
    but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that,
    fantastic blog!

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  3. huzzah – hurrah – and hooray!!!!! – you are doing so well and looking so good – love the jeans and black shirt – and the bling is not bad either! 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica — that was the ONE picture that I liked. I will keep at it, will keep pushing forward. Love keeping up with you! Thanks for droping by with such sweet words. 🙂

  4. Geaux Shonnie Geaux! Great progress. And of course you are already great, as we all know. You are working on something very special! Keep up the good work.

  5. and the beat goes on . . . more success, week after week. What’s that song: “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

  6. Girl! You look absolutely beautiful in your black shirt and jeans. I mean it! That picture is gorgeous. My eyes were immediately drawn to your beautiful face and THEN I went back to see the shirt and jeans you were wearing. Keep up the good work. I’m proud of you (and Mike) for hanging in there!! 🙂

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