To eat or not to Eat … not even my question .. yet.

Lookin up

Today, as most days, I find myself thinking about FOOD — REAL food — Not sweet shakes or salty all liquid soups!  They said this would get easier, but it has NOT, I am just sayin’.  Now, do understand that the shakes are NOT bad — I just want food.  What keeps me drinking my food?  Well … results really.  🙂  It is pretty simple: results mean that I can achieve my goal of getting out of the obese range — wonderful sounding words to my ears.  So …. Cheers ….. I am drinking breakfast now, as we speak. (I know that I am typing, I can drink and type–promise it isn’t dangerous)  We are getting ready to head out for a bike ride after a few other Sunday morning rituals.  (Mikey is in the other room EATING real food–just wanted to emote about that for a second)

Nice sunny walk on the track around some hills

Why don’t I get my mind off the food that I cannot have now and talk about the food that I will be able to eat ….. that sounds like a plan!  🙂  Oh, I took a few pics of our walk yesterday — I will share a few with you through out the post.  🙂

As I move forward in my full formula program (Liquid) eating, I often think about how I want to eat when I am allowed to chew real food again.  There are so many choices, and I know that the EatRight folks will also have a plan that they will want me to follow.  I know they are smart folks, but it is MY BODY, right?  So, I need to consider how I want to live my life and how I want to move forward.  Don’t worry — I will listen to what they suggest, and I will talk anything I do over with them — BEFORE I do anything.   I’m a smart girl and want real and safe success. 🙂

a view of the pond from the walking path side.

I have looked at many diets, but dieting per se isn’t my main consideration this time.  What I want to really know is how does MY BODY react to the food that I put into it.  I have had a sneaking suspicion that I might be allergic to some of the foods that I have been consuming on a regular basis.  SO…Since I have been food deprived … why would it be so hard to just drop all known allergens from my diet?  I don’t really think it should be too hard to go from NO food to limited foods.

One particular eating program that intrigues me is the Paleo Diet; please don’t ask me to explain, because I am only JUST beginning to look into this program of eating.  I will include a link that I was provided by “A girl walks into a bar[bell]” Jessica.  If you want to take a look here is the site she shared with me: Basically, you don’t eat Dairy, Grains of any kind, or peanut butter.  For starters, I am just, plan and simple, going to add one food a week in.  I have been thinking that the least likely meal to offend my body would be a spinach and cucumber salad with grilled chicken or baked turkey.  I figure I can handle two options for a week and then add a new food in a week, probably leaning in the Paleo direction for my choices.

I am looking forward to the day when all my liquid suffering pays off with the option to work with Dr. Ard on a diet that will allow me to train for Tri’s — that keeps me focused when I want to munch on food.  I have goals; I have a dream; I have a plan for being healthy for a LONG time.  I have friends, family, and my dreams to keep me focused on following through — oh and I have all of YOU!  Thanks again for making my journey so much easier.


We will probably ride at the same place today -- I just don't want to get so hungry that I cheat by eating food! At the school, we can control how hard the ride is ... still .... I long for a funfilled adventurous ride on the big girl trail.

Cheers and blessings …S

4 thoughts on “To eat or not to Eat … not even my question .. yet.

  1. Yesterday was a great walk, and today was a great ride. I hope we are able to figure out what foods bother you as we go on.

    • I can’t remember exactly where and when we add the food in. But it almost can’t come too soon. I don’t remember if next week is the week I get to add in bars. God knows I am ready to chew. 🙂

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