Happy Valentine’s Day … and tomorrow I weigh in

Love is in the air ….. You can feel it everywhere …  I don’t know if that is a song or not, but it sounded like one, and it was the phrase running through my mind.  There will be no decadent dinners out, nor boxes of chocolate truffles for me today.  There will be pretty paper napkins with hearts on them — I broke them out of the bag for dinner last night with the kiddos.  Have I mentioned that I am HUNGRY


— this is getting bad — and I have EATEN twice this morning.  I am not sure but this may be the week I get to add a bar into my diet, and I am VERY excited about that — but it is STILL SWEET … YUCK!

My life is very blessed — so I just have to hang with that.  I know why I am hungry.  I did it to myself.  I took Donna’s butt kickin’ class Friday, went for a LONG walk Saturday (that further kicked my rear and heightened the cramps in my rear from Friday), and then Yesterday, I went for an hour ride — but Mikey said I set a tough pace. He was starving when we got back and kept eating.  I ate 2 shakes/soups in a 2 hour period — after the ride and then, still I was hungry.


What I wanted ..... *sigh* ... Mikey's din-din

Mike went in to prepare the dinner I had planned out for him.  Meatballs and spaghetti, he tasted the sauce and came in to give me a kiss — OMG!  I LOVE kissing my hubby — but that was a FOOD kiss — this is getting BIZARRE!  It was all I could do NOT to bite his lips.  God help me make to the day

Collin sure enjoyed his meal.

where I can add food back into my LIFE!  Thankfully, the bowl of soup (the 3rd product in a 3 hour period) brought the hunger pangs to an end!  I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t — and Mike made sure to brush his teeth to avoid being harmed when he came near to kiss me.  🙂  Danger averted.

My meal ..... hunger averted ..... pounting continues.

Our ride was wonderful, and it was a beautiful day outside–the weekend and today have been absolutely gorgeous.  Since we walked and rode at the same location I figured the pictures from yesterday would give you a sense of how wonderful and bright the wonderful WARM weather was. In fact, yesterday I had to strip out of my warm tights and jacket to ride and not burn up!  LOVED IT!   I will be whining about the heat later on — but I do so love the SUNSHINE!

A Hungry but Happy me.

Think of me tomorrow when I step on the Scales — YIKES — will it ever get easier to weigh in?  I doubt it.  Wishing you all a happy, sunny day ….S


14 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day … and tomorrow I weigh in

  1. Donna Jones said: “Remember…..it’s working…..repeat after me….it’s working, nothing else worked for me….I look good, I am getting smaller, I am feeling better and having to take less meds…..I am looking sexy, I am hot, I am going to reach my goal…..from now on, I will NOT say that I am hungry, I will say that I am reaching my goal……I will say that I am happy to go to weigh in and happy that I am losing so much weight in so little time….go ahead, say all of these things 25 times and then go to bed and dream a little dream of me.”

  2. I asked Bill not to buy me candy also. He is going to get me a pair of RED shoes to match the beautiful RED purse he got me for Christmas. There are other happies to get on Valentine’s besides food. ;}

    • The Red Shoes sounds WONDERFUL. I didn’t get anything like that today. That would have been a good idea–red shoes–red purse–red hat or shirt. 🙂 Hope you all had a fantastic day!

  3. Enjoy the day…it can be done without food like a couple message given to each other! Way too much fun!

    I found that when my daughter was on Weight Watchers I had to re educate myself as to what and how I was cooking…sooner or later it catches up with everyone..seems to be a lifelong quest of healthy eating…way too much food around every corner in America! I am stuck on a certain number UGH!

    • Oh we did ….. we had a Dance class and Dance party planned for today. Mikey got me some nice flowers I will have to get them in good light and post a pic. He told them I was artsy and they gave me the hook up. 🙂

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