Weigh in #6


Did I bust the barrier or did I bounce back?

I am gonna be straight with you right up front — I am a little hyped, and so there are probably all manner of TYPO’s …. Forgive me …. Please? 😉

Today is the BIG DAY.  The day that I weigh in, the day that I see if I will at least make it to the bounce back point or maybe even a little past it.  I had a pretty good weekend with exercise, and, as always, that makes me wonder how I will do with the lose or gain proposition — have I kept things in check or did I over do?

They always tell me not to worry … but as anyone who has EVER worked to gain control of their weight knows …. there are plateaus.  Everyone has them at one time or another.  My weekly prayer is that they will hold off and come later rather than sooner.

There are no funny stories to tell about how I was late again for my weekly meeting this morning — it is what it is — body doesn’t want to wake up when I take sinus meds.  The meetings are great because you get to meet other people who are struggling with similar things, some successfully and some not so successful; both help you to see there is support for the troubled moments as for the victorious ones.  Obviously, we all want to have the victorious moments, but it is most comforting to have on hand a ready supply of support for the times we fall and do not quite reach our desired goal.

Our meeting was very helpful for me today.  I had been feeling disappointed with myself that I struggle throughout the week with problems: with hunger, not caring for all the sweet meals, and emotional bouts — behaving like a tyrannical two-year-old.  I have noticed, now that my tummy has deflated a touch, that when I eat the soups — the meal I look forward too — that my tummy hurts for an hour and it bloats way out.  Yet, another adjustment — thank God for the UAB EatRight team.  It is nice to know that when you have a problem there are people to ask–who care and will work to solve the problem with grace and kindness.  Lindsey’s comments today relieved some of the pressure that I can’t be TOUGH and never complain about being on a liquid diet.  The truth is I whine a LOT.  I like the days when I am full.  They are working on this so that I might be able to exercise more without all the HUNGER.  It is nice to know I am NOT alone in this struggle and that  there are caring professionals that are here to make this easier and stand with me through the NOT so Fun moments. With that as my base support, I know that I can hold on.

I have a fantastic support system.  The UAB EatRight Team, my FANTASTIC HUBBY, my Great Children, Donna the Super Trainer Nazi, and all my friends who daily cheer me on and make me smile when I want to cry.  How can I lose?

Yep, that's me sporting my 25 pound Loss Bracelet

So ….. without further ado ….. Today, I lost 4.5 pounds …… making it a total of 28 pound over all loss.  Someone said there was a math error — I had lost more — I am not complaining.  =D  Whining and all …. suffer or no suffer …. you can’t argue with results.  So … I will be whining and struggling some more.  🙂

My Lose it Badge











Weight           BMI

Pre weigh        255                 41.8

1st weigh         249          I don’t know

2nd weigh       244                 40.0

3rd  weigh        239                 39.2

4th weigh         234.5              38.4

5th weigh         231.5              37.9

6th weigh         227                  37.2

I am so grateful that I have passed my last bounce point this week.  I stopped losing last time at 229.  So this is a BIG DAY.  Now, next week–will be the week that I sweat out the most.  If I lose then ….. If I lose then …… OH MY …. maybe THIS time the curse of obesity will be broken over my life, and true health will be mine to hold.  I have to correct some information:  I have NOT lowered ANY MEDS as of yet.  In point of fact, I have had to go up on Diabetes medications since starting this diet.  However, my numbers have started to fall as of late, and I am hopeful soon that we might be able to start lowering some of these medications.  =D  All my numbers are moving in the right direction.

Thanks for standing by me with words of encouragement.  Thank you to all of you who stop by and read my blog and tell me how you are following my progress.  Thank you to all of you who leave comments — they make me feel like I am not talking to the air!  🙂  Thank you all for ALWAYS encouraging me.  I would love to name names, but I know I would forget someone, there are just so many of you blessing me beyond my wildest hopes!

Here’s to hope ….. S

24 thoughts on “Weigh in #6

  1. Ohhhh WOW!!! 4.5lbs? That’s fabulous – my dream come true if it happened to me lol you are doing brilliantly well – and the bounce weight OMG yes the BOUNCE WEIGHT! Mine is 2lbs less than I currently weigh – if I can get past that and keep it off for a week – I will know I’m on the home stretch 🙂 I’m so glad I’m on this journey with you – you’ve done me proud! 🙂 xxx

    • Wow! Thanks Dizi! I am so glad we are going on this journey together as well. It helps me to go and check your blog. Thanks for being so honest on your blog about your struggles — you bless me! 🙂 XXX back at you!

  2. Good luck with your diet. I’m in a similar position and was just writing about visiting my new doctor about (starting BMI 43.9 down to 41.0 but not really logging that in my blog). I’ve found routine is helpful, if you stick to a strict diet and just get used to it after a while it seems to adjust, though I’ve been cheating on the weekends a bit. I also found that not drinking any caffeine and carrying around a water bottle with me gave me more energy after I got over the withdrawl (took a couple weeks).

    Anyway, just poking around WordPress, searched for the word obese, you came up really high, hope I didn’t freak you out. -Corndog

    • Hey Corndog …. THANKS for stopping by! I feel honored. Never freaked out, unless you started calling me on my cell phone, when I haven’t given you the number — THAT would Freak me OUT! haha! I will have to go and Check out your blog. 🙂


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