Fashion Show?

Inside the card it says, "I may have "gone green" but I'm still thinkin' chocolate! I so loved that! ~~Photo Element - Copyright Jocelyn Bassler - Card Copyright 2007 Avanti Press, Inc., Box 2656 Detroit, MI 48231

The opening picture is a scanned copy of a Card that I received in the mail from a good friend — she pegged my emotions SPOT ON with that card–even though I can’t even eat greens yet!  🙂  I just had to share it.

Well —  its 11 am Thursday — so I guess I told the truth.   Only, I had a meeting at the school for my youngest son — so — this drug out much longer than planned.  I did manage to get my walk in today and will probably do some other activity later, but for now, I am very happy with the walk.   🙂

So … Let’s get back to Today’s topic — “THE FASHION SHOW.”

What can I say?  Yesterday went a tad haywire, more so than I had expected.  I am not exactly sure what I thought would take place when I started my “purge;” I got so caught up in what I was doing that I forgot a few important steps to my morning routine that further threw my day ajar.  I had NO idea it would take so long to go through my clothes, nor did I have any idea that this purging exercise would completely wipe me out.  I had to take a break before I could finish the exercise; finally, there was no energy to take photos yesterday or attend my Dance lessons (I had to have them rescheduled to Friday).  I had more to give away than I anticipated, which was a lovely surprise.  I also had an epiphany … but more on that after the “Fashion Show” …..

The trash pile was small and barely worthy of note — so on with the Show:


The give away pile.

You would be surprised how painful it is to stand with your arm in your pants.  So forgive me if I poked my gut out!  These pants were from when I weighed 275 or so–I refused to step on scales at that time.  I kept them; thankfully, even with my latest bounce back, I didn’t make it into these beauties!

Thank God!

This shirt is also from that time period.




















Loretta, do you remember this shirt?  My arms are still quite large — but DANG — Now, I can put two arms in each hole!  The nice white pants don’t work anymore either.










The white pants fit pretty much like these pants.  They were my favorite summer pants — wore them to NYC with Collin when he played Carniage Hall last year.  😦  🙂

Oh, well … this is a GOOD CHANGE!

I know you hate for me to stop … but this is the last of the show.

It was good to look and see that things are working.  It was good for me to take a moment, and mark in time how far I have come.  It helps.  I don’t feel so whimpy anymore.  🙂  Mike was just doing his “Math Thing” and mentioned that I had lost this 28 pounds in a month and a half.  I had an epifany … a lightening bolt from heaven moment … maybe this time would be different!  Why?  Well, I lost THREE pounds more than I bounced back in TWO WEEKS less time than I gained.  This is the first time that has ever happened before.  I do mean NEVER!  I have gained 10 pounds in a month.  I have gained 30 pounds in one month, but I have NEVER lost as quickly as I have gained.

Maybe …… just maybe, this time really will be different.  🙂


Blessings …….S



27 thoughts on “Fashion Show?

  1. Pingback: Lazy Sunday « Diary of an Angry Fat Woman

    • Thanks Michaela — so glad to see you back! WTG on your 13+ pounds of weight loss! It is fantastic to see progress for both of us. 🙂 I do feel good, and some of the clothes that I kept may not make it long. I wore one jacket out to dance and it just doesn’t fit good. 🙂 Such a terrible problem to have — don’t cha think? 🙂

  2. It’s exhilarating, empowering, and downright exciting to go through the clothes, isn’t it? Very freeing, too. There’s something about giving the clothes away that makes the weight loss permanent. A bargain with yourself that you’re not coming back here. Not. Not. Not. Keep up the good work… where’s the will, there’s a sledge hammer to bust through the wall and make a way!

    • Debora, were you ever a cheerleader?? 🙂 You are such a natural cheerleader. I am so glad that I have you in my corner. Hope I see you at the gym tomorrow! 🙂 I hope we can walk after Donna gets through with us. 🙂

  3. Mom of course you can do it! Loose it!!! I know you work your butt off all the time. Now no one would think for all the biking you do you would be overweight.

  4. I do remember the Shirt! Wow! What a visual! You look so pretty Shonnie. Some people are going to very blessed with the pretty clothes you are giving away.

  5. Ohhh my god – cograts! What a fashion show.

    Let’s be true: I could as well make a fashion show, yet… I dare not to. It needs balls like melons to do that and be that happy! Very well you got all reason to make this your day!

    It’s all yours – this day and what you achieved.

    Never forget my favorite saying: Pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever.

  6. What is past, is past. Way to go, Shonnie! All of those clothes are indications of the FORMER YOU! If there is anyone out there that would not “purge” some of their past, whatever it is, clothes, emotions, a past relationship, etc., they are in denial. Your clothes from the past are skeletons that you are now rid of. You may not be proud of “where you came from” however you can be extremely proud of where you are going and the hard work it is taking to get there! Talk about character….it has been said that hard times build character and from what I’ve read, you have the strongest character of most of the peeps that I know of.

    What a wonderful thing it is to know that you also have the support of your Mikey and your son. I’m sure their love for you grows with each of your efforts and accomplishments. It’s an amazing and very inspirational thing to see someone with the determination that you have while going through this process. You go, girl!

    • Danny O, I am not even sure how I can put into words how much your comment means to me. Kindness, understanding, and encouragement all rolled neatly into a ball that makes my heart swell with joy and hope. Thanks more than I know how to say. XXX’s 🙂

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