Saturday Nite Fever …..

I don't know if my daughter or I took this picture, but it was from our Trip out West.

Nahh….. we won’t look quite that cool, but we will go trip the light fantastic for a few hours on the dance floor.  I know ….. I am VERY late posting, and it is going to be brief for now.  My college-age daughter came home for a visit, and we sat on the back porch and chatted for a long while in the lovely spring-like weather we had today …. so …. I just have to say I can’t regret living in that moment.  The moment that took up the better part of my day … life has little rewards hidden for you all along the way … if we only but take a moment to stop and smell the flowers.

My daughter is a very beautiful flower, and well worth the time to appreciate.

I will get back on my exercises tomorrow, and making my posts a priority.  Today …. well ….. like one of my friend says, “Today is a memory-making day.”  I hope that you will take the moments of your life and make them memorable.

Laugh with gusto, Love with all your heart, and Live like every day is your last … This sounds like something I might have read … so … if I stole it–it was accidental.  It comes from the depths of my heart.

Blessings ….. S


19 thoughts on “Saturday Nite Fever …..

  1. Good on you! Spending the afternoon whiling away the hours with your daughter was time well spent. We can never regain the hours we spend doing this and that… better it be on the relationships we cherish than anything else! And while the gym will be here tomorrow, your daughter will go back to college. Job well done, Mom.

  2. Wow, Shon! Just caught up on your blogs this week. Congrats on joining the 25# club! That is a huge event! If you want to “see” how much weight you’ve lost, remember that each box of butter, or margarine, is equivalent in size to a pound of human fat. Stack up 28 of those boxes–WOW!!! You ROCK!!!

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