Happy Anniversary … to me … :)

Once the lillies bloomed … wow … this arrangement popped!  Big Time!

I know, I know …. I said I would be back to normal today, and I will for the most part.  We have a bike ride planned, but we also have copious amounts of chillin’ planned for today.  Right now as we speak (or I type), we are sitting quietly together on our back porch, where I spent the day with my daughter.  We love it when the weather is nice enough to enjoy the screened porch.  We swept most of the fall leaves up and off the deck, (and the porch), that had fallen and collected in the corners, (from the door being left open), and dusted off the cushions yesterday.  I am looking forward to the time, in the near future, when we are able to power wash it all down and add in the flowers.  It then becomes my haven.  My everyday vacation spot.  The birds tweet and sing; the chimes resonate with soothing tones, and the water ball makes the serenity complete.  The porch is a fantastic place to clear your mind … often Mike and I sit for hours quietly being together in this place … kind of like now … hehe.  I know for a many of my good friends — you can’t believe this is true of either of us!  But it is!   🙂

The view from my rocker …. hehe … that doesn’t sound old now does it?

I know our Special Day isn’t a very exciting this year, and we usually go somewhere fun … but … and there is a big BUT.  The problem with where we wanted to go — we LOVE to eat.  I can’t eat … real food … yet.  We normally choose a location where we can be Very active, because this is when I generally cheat — or have my rarely allowed foods.  SINCE …. this couldn’t happen …. we were stumped as to where to go.  Actually, we fiddled around so indecisively that we couldn’t even book something at a decent price …. so we came to the conclusion that we would just save our special get away for when I could eat real food.

One thing that I have discovered on this liquid fast is that MUCH of what Mike and I do together revolves around prolonged activity and food.  We snatch time from work over a meal; we go for a ride to nowhere and grab a bite to eat at some local hole in the wall, and we take trips where we like to eat as much as the activities we like to do and the sights we want to see.  Our lives revolve around savoring the moments and food.  I am sure this will continue once I complete my program and arrive at my desired weight, in part, because I believe that our manner of mixing activity with eating is a good plan.  I believe it will keep my weight off if I save my fun eating for special occasions when I have bountiful activity to go with the food.  As for all the other special meet and eats Mike and I do — that can be worked into a good general plan.  There are always good food choices available at my favorite fooderies.  🙂

Well …. I think I will leave you, for now, with a few photos from last night ….. You all have a GREAT SUNDAY!  I know I will, cuz it has already been divine …. S

Mikey and me … trying to snap a pic in the dark with no flash at the dance! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary … to me … :)

  1. Happy Anniversary to you! And congratulations to you both! I love your idea to just celebrate later. I do that with my birthday… sure, it’s *technically* one day a year, but I’ve been known to celebrate over the course of eight months. Totally serious.

    And yes, you can reincorporate food back into to your diet. I discovered when I came off of Optifast the first time that my stomach was smaller. Yeah! When I ordered food I was prepared to share, take half/most of it home for later, or just eat what I wanted and pass on the rest. And I don’t feel compelled to order dessert after every meal. To be honest, soda and many desserts just sounded too sweet after Optifast for weeks on end. Who knew? All that to say, you and Mike will be able to enjoy all those beloved activities… they’re just on hold for a little while.

    Enjoy your anniversary week and month! Drag it out all year long!

    • Thanks BETH! 🙂 Haha — yeah this could be the anniversary, birthday, and weight loss year! I am pretty happy right now, even with the inconveniences I have to deal with. 🙂 I think I can make it. Thanks for haning with me, love that you have already been here before, had success and are now back at it moving down again. Inspires me! 🙂

    • Mom, it was very pleasant. The chimes are just so lovely. They were a Father’s Day present for Mike — I have to tell you they are just so beautiful. The stress just drains out when you sit out there listening to the wind in the trees and the chimes — magical. 🙂

  2. It has been a wonderful 23 years. Wow, it is hard to believe that many have passed. I love chillin’ with you on the deck. Soon, we will be able to share our trips and meals and killer activities again. Until then, you are re-setting your body to where you want to be but could not get previously. It is worth the temporary sacrifice to get the long-term benefit! I am looking forward to lots more adventures with you. Love you!–Mike

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