From the rising of the sun …


My lion fountain.

Spring is in the Air … from the rising of the sun … nah nana … I know it is Love is in the Air … but I felt like being …. me–different!  🙂

Day one on OptiFast was January 6, 2011…. wow … a lot has happened from day ONE to day Fifty Two.  I have had many people ask me why … and well … you know my reasons if you read the why post (I linked it for you in case you want to read it). The short answer is: I Want Control of My life, my body, and my health. OptiFast is helping me achieve my goals.  There are many other questions that I get asked that I will address another day … this question really goes with my outing last night.

Every day is precious … a gift … that deserves to be cherished, and an earnest effort should be made to suck completely dry every second … living our lives to the fullest … with those who we deem most important.  If I seem overly mushy in this regard, well, I have good reason for it.  A life can change in the blink of an eye … filled with terror and agony … mine has … I know the value of a moment.  I know the value of the precious people in my life.  I know that we MUST celebrate the simple everyday moments as if they are precious jewels, worth more than a life’s wage … because they are!  Having said this, you can now understand why gaining control of my health is very important to me …. I want every second I can get with those that matter, and I want to do it as physically well as possible.

Dreaming ...

Which leads me to my errand/unusual date night with my honey; time with Mike is always a date for me.  We took back things we didn’t need to various stores and then …. hit the Book Store!  One of our favorite places.  We had a BLAST …. and it felt REALLY Special for me.  Why?  Well …. I took my protein bar with me, and Mike ordered his regular soda drink and my decaf unsweetened tea–hot–that I drank with my protein bar, it felt like a snack out ….. MASSIVE FUN!  Yes, people were out and about eating their “CAKE,” but I am NOT a big sweet person — if they had Fried

.... yep still dreaming

Cheese or some kind of crusty bread, well, who knows how I would have felt.  But that Is NOT what happened …. So YEA ME … I got to feel NORMAL!  hehehe!  I think we will do that again soon.  🙂



Yep ... you got it .... my yummy Treat! Hehe! It felt like I was cheating. But I wasn't! 🙂

You know those moments I was talking about?  Well … I could see Mikey and Collin outside my bedroom window working in the sun-filled yard ….. I had to get out of these four walls with my fam!  So …. yeah ….. I am way late posting.  We had a GREAT day raking leaves, pulling weeds, shoveling dirt, mowing the grass and hauling off limbs from the shrubs and trees we pruned.  It was BEAUTIFUL outside and wonderful to work with Mike and Collin — heck — we even saw a few neighbors.  Funny how fine weather puts smiles on everyones faces.  I snapped a few pictures of our fabo day.

Collin raking up the pile–he was taking it to the ravine–that Mike and I kept building for him … hehe … he really wanted us to stop rebuilding it and he was quite distressed when he came back from getting gas to find I had built 3 more piles for him.  hehe … what’s a good mom ta do … except teach her young man the value of working?  😉

I didn’t snap any pics of my angry face after the HUNGER hit me, nor after my tummy reacted badly to the soup.  I guess it wasn’t the meds that caused the rumbly tummy after all–it just doesn’t sit well!  =(  Such a bummer since the soup is my FAVORITE meal!  I just had to try it again.

Love it when new life burst forth from that which appears dead.  🙂

I didn’t bite his fingers nor did I jerk his food from his hand …. I was a good girl ….. I ate my soup … and promptly began to behave like a drunken sailor … belching profusly to my son’s great delight. 🙂

Life is good and I pray you have had a GREAT weekend!  Blessings … S


7 thoughts on “From the rising of the sun …

  1. You amaze me – your way with words is INCREDIBLE !! I find it very sad and crazy that you have not yet put all this out in the publishing world….you could make some $ girl and have lots of fans waiting on your next book !!

    Thanks for being such an inspiration – keep on keeping on !! You inspire many !!

  2. I relish the times we have to share–whether at the bookstore or working out butts off in the yard. I am glad you are doing this and having success because that gives us more chances at more of these moments to share!

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