Lazy Sunday


Cherry Trees at Spain Park

Today, was spent in semi-recovery from yesterday’s yard work extravaganza.  Neither Mike or I could really get our rears in gear today.

The morning started off with coffee and shake on the deck with the birds chirping and the chimes soothing melodies … beautiful.  After de-stressing on the deck, Mike and I decided that it was time for a bike ride before the rain moved in … Oh, by-the-way, the rain never showered us with its presence.  While we were getting ready to go, and, if you can imagine it, Mike was stretching my leg and calf out for me.  Just in the middle of an extremely painful push my phone rang … in a groan/gripe I asked Mike to see who it was.  It was my Mama.  Since it was my Mama … Mike could keep stretching me … she would ignore any screams of pain … hehe.  🙂

She and my Daddy had just finished reading this blog.  Outside of the births of my children and my daughter’s wedding … I truly have never heard my Mama chat about anything so excitedly.  Neither Mama nor Daddy have seen me since the FIRST week that I started OptiFast … to say that she was blown away by my weight loss would be making a MAJOR understatement.  Mama went on and on (in a pleasant way) about how she like this thing in my blog or that thing in my blog …. OH and She LOVED the Fashion Show.  Can you hear the giggle in my writing?  I can’t think about that conversation without a smile coming to my face.  She loved how much I lost, but she was so excited that I was writing about it … she loved my writing … and as all good children know … You Want Your Mama to be proud of you!  🙂

That was fun … and then Mike and I went for our ride … and I do so LOVE Spring.  Don’t you?  All the new life bursting forth all around … invigorating!  🙂

The Cherry Trees at the school are already blooming … ours hasn’t the first bud … yet.  🙂  It was a slightly overcast and VERY breezy out today.  Still, we had a very pleasant ride.


The Bradford Pears are about to break forth in a different kind of snow … we will have showers of White flowers everywhere.

The pansies are beautiful right now ….. but soon they will wilt and petunias will be in bloom.

After a bit ….. chicka had to take a “Shake Break.”  We rode around until my legs would peddle no more, and Mike said that we were at the hour point and need to stop anyway.  =P  Kinda feeling puny today.  Had a bit of a tummy problem  … so we had to say so long to the beautiful day and returned home for Mikey to eat Lunch and me to get my “Boullion” and my YUMMY for your Tummy  OptiFast Peanut Butter Bar.

We retired to the screened porch to consume our meal.

When Mikey came out with the cheddar cheese chips … I warned him that I would possibly harm him if he opened them ….. the smell would be more than I could handle.  Mikey is Wise …. he waited to consume said treat until wifey-pooh was NOT around.  Aren’t I blessed?  🙂

Our Treats on the Deck

Mike left this bit of sandwich for some reason that I cannot remember …. I looked at it with loving eyes and a heart that longed to deprive him of his tastey treat.  I only lusted after his meal … and then returned to my Peanut Butter Bar ….. 🙂

Blessing …..S


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