The Day before Weigh IN … uhhh…


Tomorrow is Weigh In #8 …. What will I find?

Yes, it Monday, the day before Tuesday … the Last Day of February 2011 … AND …. it is the Day before Weigh IN.  You would think I would have gotten used to this by now … but I have NOT!  I am always nervous, concerned, and a tad bit worried that this will be the time when the scales stall.  I know that I have had a very good run at weight loss with OptiFast … I am more pleased than you can imagine.  I have a LOT of confidence in my OptiFast/EatRight team, that, even if I do stall,  they will work with me to devise a plan that will help me overcome WHAT EVER obstacles might come my way.  This confidence is a comfort and a reassurance that I do not have to be concerned … so why worry?

I have said all this before ….. you know the drill …. sorry, I know that I am back here again … that’s ‘cause its Monday.  🙂  The past … The past is the reason that I am … well, NOT really worried, but nervous how I will handle the dreaded stall.  I know that I will shake off fear, worry, and doubt and move forward no matter what, because that is my way … I can’t handle living in negative land.  That would be WAY too exhausting — I’m just sayin’.

I will take a reasonable walk later and do chores around the house — working on many different things to keep myself distracted from tomorrow.  One of the things I WILL work on today is … something I have been procrastinating over … another sort of Fashion Show for my Pictorial Diary page.  Some of these pictures of me are quite hard to deal with.  They are so unpleasant that I find it hard to make myself go upstairs and bring them down to scan them.  I prefer to use only the pictures that portray me in the light in which I wish to see myself, but that isn’t the reality of this battle …. and I want to liberate myself from hiding from the “Ugly Truth of My Obesity.”

I have to make a VERY STRONG NOTE right here:  I am NOT proud of these pictures — they cause me pain. They always have.  This is why I dread digging them out of the box.  Please understand, that just because a people are morbidly obese does NOT mean they do NOT care for themselves.  I know there are the few morbidly obese people that DO like to show their bodies, or at least they would have you believe so … I think it is to guard their hearts against rejection. I would have to say NOT many large, obese, or morbidly obese people feel “GREAT” about their bodies.  Most of us care; Most of us struggle to fight a loosing battle; and Most of us fight to love ourselves as we are–this is hard.  The climate of our culture is harsh and unkind to those who are morbidly obese.  The obese person is the brunt of jokes and stereotypes that are rarely true–this environment causes one to believe negative things about one’s self.  People are complex, and the reasons for obesity are no different.

Today, as I prepare to face down my “Fear of the Scale” tomorrow, I remind myself of all the things in my life to be thankful for.  My massively supportive HUBBY, My Fabulous Family, My Wonderful Friends, My Amazing Team at UAB, and YOU ….. how can a GIRL lose … well … anything but weight?!?!?!

Thanks for listening … thanks for your support … you are the Wind beneath my Wings …. S


13 thoughts on “The Day before Weigh IN … uhhh…

  1. Good luck with todays weigh-in I’m sure it will be positive but in the event that it isn’t – this is how I handle it… I get really fed up and want to kick the scales and I walk round for the rest of the day with a scowl on my face BUT I NEVER GIVE UP and I never turn to food (well I say NEVER… I mean NEVER this time – I have in the past which is why I still have a weight problem that I’m having to deal with now!!!) AND I come on here and have a moan to you lol so you know – whatever the scale tell you today – this is about the long term not just this particular instant!

    I’m completely with you on the photo thing – I haven’t put my worst pics on here – they are devastating to me!!! xxx

    • WE gotta stick together … even if that is the moaning together … cuz even though we KNOW we are not going to quit … some days WHEW … they are nail biters all the way to the end. Thanks to checking in on me! Love your comments … you know what I mean … total blessing to the Soul. Be checkin you out in a few …. S

  2. Whatever the scales say, YOU are doing great. It’s not just the refugee diet you are on, but the way you are inspiring others by being so candid about it all. You have guts and heart. I am praying and pulling for you! …. Michelle

  3. You know, I have been meaning to ask you this and I keep forgetting. How in the world do you go all week and not get on the scales at home? I might forego food if I made my mind up to do that, but I KNOW I would be weighing daily. I understand all the reasons not to, I just know me. And if you did do that, would it alleviate some of the weekly weigh in dread? (I know they tell you not to.)
    Now, I have a new fear. I have only known you your pre Optifast size. So… you gonna dump me when your all svelte?! ;}

    • Well … I don’t but they don’t match up with the DRs scale …. somewhere around 3 pounds off. I would have to take my scales in with me … step off the drs and then on MINE to accurately KNOW what I weigh. I will hop on it but … it can be discouraging since my scales weigh me heavier than the DRS scale. Haha ….. Loretta … my true self will arise after I reach my goal weight! haha! I don’t think I have ever changed … skinny to fat … fat to skinny. 🙂 If I change it will be that I will probably wear everyone out trying to DO STUFF! 😉 me and svelte self! hehe

  4. I think it is too easy for people to judge by externals. You just do not know, in most cases, why people are the way they are–what things they can easily control, what things they need help with, and what they cannot help.

    The nice thing about all those who you are thankful for is: They are thankful for you too!!!

  5. a buddy posted on my FB page some good advice

    Charlotte O’Neal Mangham said, “You are gonna make it cause I know you’ve done your best, that’s all any of us can do…and weight goes up and down on the scales, but your clothes and the mirror never lie…quote from Keith…be encouraged today my little friend!!”

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