Weigh In #8


Today …. was weigh in #8 … are you wondering why I am so late in posting?  You worried for me that I might have bad news?  Sorry to have left you in the dark so long, but I had a walking date with Debora … we had a GREAT walk, and a great chat.  The time and distance goes so fast when we are chatting away.  I have to tell you it is GREAT FUN.  She kinda kicks my rear while we are walking, I like that!  🙂  According to Debora’s pace-setter thingy we did 7,800 steps … ok Debora did I get that right or was it 7,500?  Either way, we did us some walkin’.  Then, I called to check on my buddy Martha, who is recovering from back surgery, to see how she was … she needed to go to the store.  So, being the fun person that I am … I suggested we go together.

Martha is a ball of jovial energy, even with a back surgery.  She is a RIOT; if you want to laugh about absolutely nothing … she is YOUR GIRL.  We found her a cute new outfit at a very posh store — FUN FUN.  Then, something dawned on me as we were lovingly caressing the bewitching summer finery …. I could probably wear clothes from this store.  What a delicious moment of joy … regular clothing … I could pay for clothing that I LIKE … actually feel attractive in … Rapture.

I don’t know if you have ever shopped in WW (women’s world) stores … but it is like someone dropped acid or something, and had this bizarre idea that Large Women want to look like wallpaper … I mean … really … large ugly flowers?!?!  Who wants to look like a moving wall already … NOT ME!  I’m just sayin’ is all.  Someone FAT ought to design the clothes, then maybe they wouldn’t have large white spots right on the place where most of us have pregnant bellies we would like to hide …. Any .. WAY … on with the show …..

Well …. again, sorry I made you wait to find out … that the scales said that I weigh 218.5 — I lost 4.5 pounds.  This makes a whopping total of 36.5 pounds to date.  YEAH BABY! BMI is now 35.8 … I am not sure but …. I am getting close to just being “Obese” instead of morbidly obese … it is possible … I don’t know … I will ask … BUT I might be getting close to just being “Over Weight.”  WOW!  What a concept.

You should have been a fly on the wall at the clinic when they told me what I weighed … I thought I understood Mikey to weigh 218 and I thought this was the first time we weighed the same in years … too many to remember.  I did a little dance … you know a happy dance … and almost Cried.  Mikey busted my bubble, cuz … I was WRONG … Mikey weighs 217.  BOO HISS!  So, my being smaller than him will take a little longer.  OH … WELL!

My Loseit.com Weight loss Trend

Weight       BMI

Pre weigh        255             41.8

1st weigh         249      I don’t know

2nd weigh       244             40.0

3rd  weigh       239             39.2

4th weigh        234.5          38.4

5th weigh        231.5           37.9

6th weigh        227              37.2

7th weigh        223              36.5

8th weigh        218.5          35.8


I forgave Mikey for busting my bubble, because he said he would eat extra and lift weights and see if he could weigh more than me.  We hopped in the car and went for a drive … nope … we didn’t look for a cool place to eat … cuz I can’t chew real food.  🙂  We did find a cool Winery, and we stopped to check it out and take a few pics … it was a good day … even if Mikey busted my bubble and Wally World smelled like food and and I wanted to eat the cheese while it remained in the box …

Me and Mikey at the Winery Gate

life’s Good … Be Blessed …S



28 thoughts on “Weigh In #8

  1. You look incredible already, I can see it in your face!! Like I said, girl, you are so beautiful already, you outshine all of us average-looking gals, haha, good job and continued progress~

    • Barb, you are truly sweet … thanks for saying you can see it in my face, and that I am beautiful already. I appreciate your comments … and I think you are quite the pretty lady yourself. 🙂

  2. It is great how you have been losing. I know so many fat women’s clothes are hideous but you seem to find some… But you have to chop off a limb it’s seems to pay for one piece of clothing. I know there is nothing cheap in large women’s clothes that looks decent. We went shopping together. I have never worn any but I know how it was frustrating for you. Love you.

    • Thanks Dizi! I was thrilled too … shoulda seen the happy dance! haha — it was something else. When I weigh less than Mike it will be just as exciting. XXX ta you too! 🙂

  3. Yeah, Shonnie! How awesome is that? I found that the further along I went, the more excited I got, and the more empowered I felt. I just *knew* I could get where I wanted to be. You’ve got to be feeling some of that yourself! And just think of it this way… you’re going to fly right by your husband this next week. You can do it! I know you can! My BMI is 30.5 so I’m technically obese, but I’m not letting the rude people who create that chart burst my bubble–I haven’t weighed this much since HIGH SCHOOL. We collectively rock! Here’s to you, me, and our fake, prefab food!

    • Beth, I am starting to pick up momentum with the hope thing. I have struggled with fear a LOT that this program would pic a place and stop working. BUT so far so good! Lovin’ the fake, prefab food and its results! Hehe!

      • Be audacious! You know I’m in Part II of my big adventure in weight loss and my body hasn’t given up on me yet. There’s no reason yours should either! So be audacious and dream big! Er, little. Um, skinny? You know what I mean.

        And the lack of culinary variety is worth the results!!!

      • You are so right about the Lack of Variety in the culinary department is worth the results! I am working on the audacious part … and I am starting to dream big. 🙂 I do KNOW what you mean! 🙂 I missed this comment somehow.

  4. HAPPY DANCES FOR YOU!!! Btw, according to the obesity scale in my nurse-books, “morbidly obese” is >40 BMI, and merely “obese” is >30. You are rapidly headed for “overweight!” GO SHONNIE!!!

    • Yea! Thanks for sharing Cathy. I thought I was getting close to merely overweight. Yea AGAIN! It was such an exciting moment when I realized I could very possibly purchase clothing in “REGULAR” stores …. 🙂 Thanks for keeping up, and posting … makes me smile.

  5. It’s alright! What’s a virtual meltdown among friends?! Better to be at the winery celebrating than drowning your sorrows! (I know, I know…. you only inhaled…. it depends on your definition of imbibing)

    • Haha … Loretta … I DIDN’T even get to INHALE … hahaha… they weren’t open. =( (Thats my story and I’m sticking to it) YOU KNOW we were scoping out for future adventures … anyway … say … six months from now. 😉 I am so glad we can survive virtual meltdowns … this shows that we are indeed good friends. hehe.

  6. I love our weekly walks, I cannot wait until we can both run up that hill. OMG we will both be so HOT then. Love you and I am so PROUD of you. Keep on keepin’ on sweets.

    • Hahaha Debora … you are so right … when WE run up that hill … WE will be so hot that WE will need Ice water to make us bearable for everyone else! hehe! I will … thanks for hanging with me and always being such a great support! 🙂

  7. Congrats on your amazing success! I am SO HAPPY for you as you continue to roll along, breaking through barriers that have held you prisoner–milestone after milestone. After so much pain, tears, fear, and frustration, you ARE getting where you want to be. Awesome!

    BTW–hilarious post!

  8. AWE … that is so sweet Loretta … I just had many things back to back today … so it took a bit and by the time Mikey got home … I just wanted to hang with him …. being happy together. Thanks for thinking of me. Thanks for being concerned … that means SO MUCH TO ME! Gonna make me cry! 🙂

  9. You were late posting and I was so afraid. Oh my gosh, was trying to think what to say to you if the news was not good. Such a wonderful picture of you and Mike! You look so fantastic.

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