Cancellation Advisory …

All scheduled programs have been cancelled due to an unexpected Rear-Kickin’ storm-of-a-workout this am, that has severely depleted all our power sources.  We now must run on back up power and work only on those things necessary for survival.

Please pardon this interruption … and we apologize for any inconvenience our power outage has caused you.  All programs will resume their normal schedules as soon as power has been restored.

The storm that wrecked havoc on our services was the Terrible Tsunami “Trainer Nazi” Donna … there were no known fatalities, but several were injured.

Y’all be blessed ya hear ….S

Late Update:  Donna let me know what she thought of my whimpiness, “What a baby! You know I am wonderful!”  She is pretty great … but she DID kick my rear today … baby or no! 😉

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