The Mind-Fields of Birmingham

The Mind-Fields of Birmingham

Yes, I know that the correct spelling of the word would be minefields … but this battle is in my mind.  🙂

Hey there ….. this is a Quick post …. cuz the real thought for the day is coming later.  Princess Sophia arrived and derailed my writing opportunity, in fact she is still here making things a touch difficult to think past ….babbaa ….. daaaddaaa … and the crackers and juice that fly randomly from her high chair.  The dogs are in heaven, because after each of her expressions of emotion there is a new spray of goodies on the floor for them to sample.  Honestly, I think she is tired but she just doesn’t want to give into it … she keeps talking to herself the way girls do at a sleep over trying to stay awake.

She was my grocery store buddy again today.  I find that she is a VERY useful distraction from all the bakery smells, rotisserie chicken smells, and then there is this fried stuff … all ready and waiting for a quick-pick-up-lunch meal … I had a OptiFast Peanut Butter Bar.  🙂  Yeah, I know I am good … actually what I am is smart …. I got my plan and my distractions ready for each outing.

Aside from the obvious food smells are the lovely food items in the pictures opening my rant today …. fantastic baked goods all boxed up and ready to go.  Lovely crusty breads baked fresh … the aroma, an olfactory delight, still lingering in the air … tempting, wooing a good girl to stray.  Of course they have the cheese right by one of the exits … the really YUMMY stuff …. working their hypnotic charms on innocent shoppers who happen to pass by.  This is where Princess Sophia comes in handy … she will jabber away, and cause all manner of people to come by and say … awe and talk baby talk … just enough time to escape the wretched spell casting stare of the prepackaged goods.

You speed your buggy by the mind-fields (cuz these MIND-fields will blow up on you just as fast as land mines will) in a controlled frenzy (I mean a girls gotta to maintain her dignity), only to then collide with the fresh fruits and veggies … come on now … LEAVE ME ALONE already … that stuff always makes me hungry.   All the bright fresh colors … just make ya wanna take a bite.  *SIGH* … Anyway …. I have discovered that there is NO way to constantly avoid being around food.  Heck all you have to do is step outside your favorite clothing store and there will be a delectable eatery somewhere near by piping their wears into the night air …. Makes a girl Mad!!

I find that You gotta have a strategy for avoiding temptation BEFORE you leave … otherwise you will go mad … and become a rip-the-walls-down-crazy kind woman … I’m just sayin’.  Maybe you don’t have problems like that, but I look like a demon possessed person if I don’t have my bars … my bricks (prepped shakes in a box) … broths or something.  I don’t personally like behaving like a mad woman … so I shoot for the distractions and being prepared.  Sophie girl is a VERY good distraction.

This is exactly how I feel right now … haha … worn slap out!  🙂

Cheers and Chow Baby For now …. happy eating …. for those of you who can …. S  🙂

6 thoughts on “The Mind-Fields of Birmingham

  1. You can laugh if you want, but you’ll know this to be true… one of the things that compels me not to cheat (aside from the whole I-refuse-to-cheat thing) is the very real consequence of spending an evening (or two) in the hospital with an enflamed pancreas, writhing in pain. The ladies at my clinic put the fear of God in me on this one. They noted that people who cheat–particularly on the “healthy” foods like fruits and vegetables–usually end up in the ER because the body produces different enzymes while on Optifast and is unable to process and break down most foods. That’s why they’ll ease you back onto food… like titration back when you studied chemistry (that’s about the only thing I remember from chemistry… tritrating and solubility points… don’t ask). It makes it a little easier to not eat certain things… that said, I did *not* appreciate the peach pie baking in the oven when my family got together for dinner this evening. I’ve been assured there will be no more pies baking. At. All.

    Keep up the great work! You can do it!

    • I am not a cheater either … it is just easier to stick to the plan. No one said much to me about the tummy stuff at first … I just had this feeling that it would HURT … so I asked the Doc and he said … yes it would. I was glad that I didn’t listen to everyone … just a little bite won’t hurt. I said … I am afraid that it would cause serious pain. Some of the ladies where I go have cheated, it almost seems lije they said regularly … I don’t get how they can endure it. That threat of pain … you are so right … keeps me focused. WE start out with ONLY liquid, then after 6 weeks we move to adding 1 bar a day at week 7 we add in 2 bars a day if we want … then you know the drill at 12 weeks you start to add in food.

      What kind of stuff do you get to eat? I keep forgetting to ask.

  2. You know, if I were drinking all my sustenance, all these foods would be “mines” ready to explode in my “mind” too. So glad you are having success.

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