Fashion Show Part II











You tell me … should I be angry or pleased.

I am sitting here this gloomy, rainy Saturday morning in shock from my forced fashion show part 2, but I am SURE NOT gloomy.  I really hate the picture days, not sure that will be the case in the future … not after yesterday.

It is hard for me to really SEE the weight loss, I know people keep commenting, but I am still wearing pants that I wore on the last go around.  Not to mention that I weight 218 as of last weigh in — that is NOT light.  However, the pants are starting to be very loose … ahh … the skinny jeans, well I can stick my arm down the waist and leg, and I can wear cute tops that I bought in hopes of losing the weight to wear, now.  I wore one last night with the skinny-loose jeans.  🙂

Thank You, Andriana, (she is my oldest daughter) for insisting that I do my photo shoot.  She hung around and said she wasn’t leaving until I got ready.  Given that I like my son-in-law, I got myself ready, so she and I would NOT be in his doggy list (There are other words that come to mind–but remember I am cleaning up my word act).  Ok …. Here we go:  OUCH

Christmas 2010 Before Starting the Program

March 4, 2011 36 lbs lost





Christmas playing a game with the family … I had NO IDEA I looked this big … NO wonder my friend Tom worried about me on our adventure race.








This next photo is from before I started working out with Donna:


Pre-Donna "Trainer Nazi" Days 2009

Notice how the jacket is NOT closed and that my arms fill out the jacket.

8 weeks OptiFast ... March 4, 2011

Notice that I can wrap the Jacket all the way across ….

….until the pockets are on the opposite sides of the jacket.  🙂

I would not weigh at this time, the first time I would get on a scale I had lost but still weighed 263 pounds.  These two photos represent my total weight loss of 44.5 pounds to date.  (This isn’t the worst photo either … girl’s gotta have her dignity!)

Well ….. I think I am starting to like the whole photo thing again … there are still parts that I wish were better, and I do still have 64 pounds left to lose.


I vote Pleased!

Here’s what I think: 1) it is looking sunny over here, even on a rainy day 2) Bring on the Shakes packets, the bricks, and the chalk bars … Mama’s on a ROLL …. chow … S



26 thoughts on “Fashion Show Part II

  1. Pleased! Pleased! Pleased! Oh my gosh… you look outstanding! I find pictures pre-Optifast to be quite alarming now that I’ve lost 55 pounds. At the same time, I think it was my photos from the trip to the Olympics that pushed me to take drastic steps to change my life. But you look faboo! And your face is looking more and more beautiful.

    I can’t wait to see the next progress report!

  2. Hahaha you win Shonnie – just posted pics of myself – “pre” and then I take a peek over here and you continued fashion-show 😀

    Shoonnnnieeeeeeeeeeee we got a wiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeer!


  3. I am proud to call you my friend, Shonnie! Your commitment to your health is remarkable. I agree about you being a model~
    Love you much!

  4. I really never thought of you as that large… Then we compared how you looked then and now. Wow! You look great! I know how long you have tried to loose as that weight. Great to see something really work.

  5. We agree on ONE thing, we need to follow your plan. It is working for you and it could work for everyone. Keep up the good work, we will be watching.

  6. Well, I am not around you on a daily basis and the difference is overwhelming! I love the new top. And when you are all made up… well… you could be a model. :}

    • Awe … Thank you Loretta … that was such a sweet thing to say. the change has been so suttle for me until I break out the clothes. The jacket looked worth keeping after the last fashion show … go figure!!

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