Weekend Bummers

Well ….. ya ever have one of those weekends where NOTHING you plan works out the way you planned it. (Blowing raspberries here)  As I always say … “there has to be a silver lining to this cloud if I dig for it long enough.”  So … *sigh*… even though stuff happened that cancelled my Saturday Night Dance night two weeks running, and today was just too cold to take the bike out for a ride … and multitudinous things have just plain gone wrong.  In case you are wondering, I have, in fact, dug long enough that I found my silver lining.

Given that my activity was cut ta NUN … I bumbled around the internet trying to inspire myself.  Dang … I had nothing to write about … cuz I was DOING NOTHING!  When serendipity struck and I stumbled across this new site, Podrunner–they offer running mixes … And BAM, just like that, a new activity. Way … Way Cool!  Why you ask? I actually like to run, but it has been an impossibility with my morbidly obese body … now that I am only Obese … I was thinking it was time to look into it again.  Podrunners offer free downloads of running mixes.  I started testing/listening to several mixes, and then an interval patterned for the “couch to 5K” in 9 weeks.  EXCITING.

So of course I had to try the “couch to 5K” in 9 weeks mix–on my rebounder (a mini trampoline).  I really enjoyed the mix.  I got pretty excited when I was able to do the entire mix without a break … well … I did have a break, but only because Mike came in and started talking to me and made me lose my rhythm.  A very easy thing for me to do — losing my place.  Being the goofy girl that I am, I had to share it with Mikey, and I started the mix over.  On this run through I completed the mix without stopping.  Mike liked it too … so we have this plan stewing of using the mixes in each of our iPods and giving the running thing another go.  🙂

Food is a NO-Brainer … I don’t have to wonder or plan or give any real thought outside of do I want a bar, a boxed shake, a powered shake, or a HP shake.  See what I mean?  The only problem comes in when Mike starts eating something interesting or I make the mistake of watching a show that is about cooking.

I think I will bid you ado for the evening … two days until weigh in … and I feel more optimistic and a part of me thinks maybe I jinxed myself by saying that … but oh well … gotta live Dangerous every once in a while.

Gotta run cuz it is Shake Time! 🙂

Chow baby ….S



4 thoughts on “Weekend Bummers

  1. Another reason we seem to be on the same wavelength: Apple. Love my Mac and know the picture of one when I see it. 🙂

    I really, really hate weekends that go awry. They get me all out of sorts.

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