Uh … today … the day before


Somehow …. somehow… in all of today’s life-gone-wild I forgot tomorrow is WEIGH IN #9?!?!?!  So … this post is gonna be Super Short.  I had worked on a neat post, but I am so tired and flipping out that I am NOT ready to go in for weight in and trainer session tomorrow at 7:30 A.M.

I walked with Deborah this morning — great time!!  We increased our distance and did it in less time — WAY COOL!  Love walking with Deborah!  We talk and Laugh the whole way through … it was so chilly this morning we all but ran.  haha!  🙂

I spent the better part of the day in at the Trailer Hitch place.  =PPPPPPPPPP  I hate sitting around places doing NOTHING on uncomfortable chairs.  They broke my tail light!  =PPPP after taking 2 1/2 hours longer than they said it was gonna take.  Double, triple, and multiply it =PPP (raspberry blowing–I didn’t have a good time with that!)

When I got home …. I flopped on the bed to rest so that I would have power to go to out Foundations Class and then Dance at the Dance Party.  Mike and I had a blast as always … but now … I have to stop talking and get my stuff DONE!

Blessings …..S

8 thoughts on “Uh … today … the day before

  1. Shonnie… do you realize how significant this post is? You have never since day one not totally worried the day before weigh in! It is a very important milestone. The “wall” came down today. ;}

    • No … I didn’t until you told me so. 🙂 I do have to be honest and tell you that I had a rush of stress just as I went in to weigh … seemed odd after the day before … I shouldn’t have stepped on those scales. 🙂 Thanks for pointing that good info out.

      • I think everyone would stress when they go in… that’s different.
        A lot of people got souvenir rocks from the Berlin wall when that came down… Hum… since I can’t get some souvenir “fat” I guess I’ll just have to settle for an Optifast shake. ;}

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