Weigh in #9



Yep, yep … it is that “Day” again.  The day that I take myself down to the clinic, and I attend a meeting with my SFD peeps (solid food deprived); get weighed in; and meet with the doctor … and this week … I met with their Trainer, Adam.  I think Adam likes to hear me whine … cuz he pushes me until I squeal … are he and Donna related?  Of course, today is also the day that I pick up my food for the following week, a very yummy prospect when your muscles are all wobbly and like a noodle.  To further electrify my thrills for the day …. I had to pick up TWO WEEKS of food for while I am away next week. Doubly sweet, and I don’t mean like juicy fruit gum, on limp arms and wobbly legs.  I made it … I am sure you were worried, I made it but NOT without whimpering and huffing and puffing … just sayin’ — people were looking at me a tad strange.

The strange looks could have been the fact that I was in shorts and it was chilly outside … but sister was HOT, and I don’t mean in the sexy kind of way.  My hair was all mussed up, and I was very sweaty … no … I wasn’t glowing … I was sweating!

So … what do you all think?  Am I a Loser or a Gainer?  I have to tell you I was a little nervous, different from times before.  Why?  ‘Cuz brainiac here stepped on the scales at home that said I had NOT lost anything all week, but gained a pound!  I know, I know … we are NOT supposed to do that, and I did …. BIG MISTAKE!  Made my Bp #’s go up a touch.

Here’s the details on Weigh in #9:

I lost 3 pounds — to weigh 215.5 — this makes me a half a pound away from loosing 40 pounds on Optifast.   Another really amazing thing is over the week, I gained a pound and a half of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat … I gained a pound of fluid this week which is why I only lost 3 pounds.  LOVE … LOVE … LOVE the muscle gain.  =D

And a total loss of 47.5 since starting with Donna, the “Trainer Nazi,” Jones.

I OFFICIALLY WEIGH LESS THAN MIKE!  Yeah, baby, do tha happy Dance! Yeah, uhuh!  OH YEA!!!


My Loseit.com Weight Loss Trend

Weight         BMI

Pre weigh      255           41.8

1st weigh       249      I don’t know

2nd weigh     244          40.0

3rd  weigh     239          39.2

4th weigh      234.5       38.4

5th weigh      231.5       37.9

6th weigh      227          37.2

7th weigh      223           36.5

8th weigh     218.5       35.8

9th weigh     215.5        35.3

Ok, so I am a very happy girl.  It was so cute … I texted my hubby and two daughters what I weighed while I was waiting for Dr. Ard to get there … and, when I got in the car after my torture treatment with the Trainer, I had a text from my youngest daughter.  Her text read … “Holy Crap! That’s awesome … I didn’t know you were that close to 200 … That’s awesome!”  The older daughter has been keeping up with the actual numbers a little closer, wrote me later and said, “Wow! Great! You go Mom!”  I have such good support. Of course, Mikey cheered for me me and told me all kinds of encouraging stuff when I called him.

I always call my Mom and my hubby after I leave the clinic … my mother has cracked me up the last two weigh ins.  She finally looked at the blog and went crazy excited over my pictures.  She was just as cute today — this is fun for everyone who cares for me — they have worried about me for so long.  I know I am getting the biggest gift from my weight loss in-terms-of my health, but watching the relief wash over my families faces, and their joy and hope that maybe … just maybe we have this dang noose of obesity around my neck licked — is beyond icing on the cake.  Their joy takes my breath away.  They have always been their for me.  They have always cried with me; stood with me; hoped with me; and I know they feared with me …. The most magnificent gift of all … is … their joy and relief.

Post workout Glow ... hahah

Well …. you all have a Bang-up Good DAY … I am about to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of mine …. S

I am going to the beach next week … and I have NO swim suit — haha.  I don’t think the one I have is gonna do the trick … YIKES!  Swimsuit shopping?!?!?

20 thoughts on “Weigh in #9

  1. Oh Shonnie, I’m so excited for you! (And a playing catch up on the blogs I follow. Sh!) The same as you, the encouragement and excitement that mean the most are from my family and closest friends. Those who love me and want the best for me. Just the fact that my brother (my BROTHER–we all know they live to annoy their sisters!) follows along avidly and occasionally drops me a line, and gets really excited whenever I call him on my way home from clinic… it blows my mind! We do this 90% for ourselves and 10% for the people we love, I think.

    Bottom line… Way. To. Go. Yeah!!!

    • Thanks Beth — Thanks for catching up with my blog and leaving such kind encouraging comments. I know you know how much it means. 🙂 There will be NO weigh in this week … kind of makes me nervous. hehehehe!

  2. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you go girl! My friend I am telling your story to everyone. You are such an inspiration. See you Friday.

  3. Oh my WORD! That is fantastic! You are going to be over taking me soon – I need to pick up on the exercise – I’ve not really been giving it my ‘all’ I’ve not been to the gym since Monday…. LAST WEEK! You are both motivation and inspiration! Ohhh and another word that springs to mind – ADMIRATION! Well done – I don’t know how you do it (saying no to food) but you are doing it and it’s working! 🙂

    • Thanks Dizi!! Such high praise coming from you! Thank you so much. They say when we intro food back in it can get tougher … once you realize that you could end up in the hospital with terrible tummy pain … that is a strong motivator NOT to cheat. One lady looked over at me and said cheating isn’t all it is cracked up to be. 🙂

      Thanks for being there, LOVE reading your blog!! Love having buddies to walk through this journey with.

      blessings ….S

    • Thanks Nancy! This is so exciting. I am not sure that I am excited about purchasing a bathing suit … but hey … at least I need too. =D We will have fun … it is Collin’s spring trip and sort of my Anniversary trip rolled into one. We are renting a condo so that we can control food issues. =D

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