As the Tummy Rumbles ….


Grey Skies smilin' at me ...

Howdy …. I would say good morning ….. but we have been experiencing storms so it is more like “Dreary Mornin’ to ya.”  I have had THREE kick your REAR workouts in a ROW!  Actually … more than that … Sunday I tried out the running program for 45 min; Monday I walked with Debora for 65 min, (very briskly I might add cuz it was COLD); The same Monday we had Foundations Dance Class, and then Dance Party for about 90 minutes of activity; Tuesday I had Donna’s younger cousin, Adam, torture me for 45 min; then today Donna for 60 min.  Can I tell you that my body was NOT responding to Donna’s commands today … it was rebelling … and I couldn’t make it mind.  I won’t tell you how I called Donna bad names today … I said it under my breath, and she TOLD the whole class … because I want you to have a high opinion of me.  🙂

I left the Y today on wobbly legs thinking I would run home to change shirts and just do my errands in my workout clothes.  I got a phone call …. AND … I … Sat … Down!  BIG mistake … girlfriend passed straight out, until Mikey called me on the phone and woke me up … he has GREAT TIMING like that.  We have dance lessons tonight … I have made an executive decision … sister is taking a break for today and tomorrow … NO SIZING … I’m just sayin … this body is acting weird.

It has begun the rebellion of sounds of a body in revolt.  You heard me right.  It is rumbling, growling, making high pitched screeching noises trying to get me or anyone near me to feed it.  I have already fed it three meals when we are only supposed to have had two!!  I know it is hungry, and I will give it more

This is what my body thinks it wants ... but I do not like pork that much ... but my body thinks I am a fool.

later … but … my tummy is convinced I have lost my mind–gone off the deep end–that I am crackers if you will.

When I refuse to give in to its demands, it gets very testy on me, and starts producing vile emissions that make me concerned for my dignity … how’s a girl to handle that?  It will also hijack me and make me run for emergency breaks when it feels like it can get the upper hand.  I am stubborn, and I resist … dang all my pride … I will win this battle of wills … won’t I? As I type, my bowels’ guttural complaints become stronger and more urgent. Yes … we have in-depth conversations … and, Yes, I understand the dialect of the visceral cavity.  The language is quite simple really … feed me, and I must release energy, and other vile things we won’t mention — NOW.


What my body wants vs. what it gets. Can you guess which is MY food? 🙂

Oh … my body … my betrayer … get in line and do what I WANT … NOW!  Stop being a weenie!

See … I can make demands too!

Mike sez I have to take the good with the bad on this one, and the tummy rumbles are only annoying at the worst, and somtime great amusment for my youngest son … even my youngest daughter thought that it was funny.  There is a LOT more good than bad … 1/2 a pound from 40 pound loss is GREAT!

Well … now, I gotta run …. and grab a shake and broth … Later …S


10 thoughts on “As the Tummy Rumbles ….

  1. First… with sugar free gum… have you tried the cookies-n-cream? Or key lime pie? Or strawberry shortcake? I can vouch for at least one. And it tastes like the real deal. I’m not a gum chewer (TMJ killed that), but I was shocked.

    Second, you’re doing it! This time around I’ve found that going to bed thirty minutes earlier each night is helping. Try adding a little more sleep to your diet. Allow your body to rest a little more to compensate for the reduce calories going in and increased calories going out. Just a thought.

    But you’re doing great!

    • I have tried the Key Lime pie — not the strawberry short cake — sounds Yummy. The key lime pie was tasty. I will try that extra sleep thing! I know I plan to sit on the beach with a good book while I am here — falling asleep with the book in hand is acceptable. 🙂

  2. Hunger seems to be a fact of life with this–especially when you exercise. Happily, serious LOSING is also a fact of life. I am impressed with your tenacity and your keeping your eye on the reward!!! Great going!

  3. Are you eating anything with sorbitol in it? Is is often used as a sweetener in sugar-free gums and candies. It can cause the rumbles.

    • The rumbles today were from hunger. I only eat what they give me. I do chew some sugar-free gum and some does have some sorbitol, but I have used that for years and had little problems with it after my body got used to it.

      I don’t think that was an ingredient in the food … but I need to check again. I just think my tummy wants more food and it talks loudly to me. hehe … 🙂

      • Yeah… I was wondering more if it was an ingredient in the foods. Just a thought.
        Tummy: “Helllll llloooo … hay you… yeah you… Shonnie…. remember me? It’s dark down here. What’s up with the flood? No… no.. I won’t shut up… you have ignored me for days! It’s getting old. I want pasta… you hear me? P-A-S-T-A. Oh good grief… here comes the deluge again… I never want to see another cup of broth in my life! What the heck does she think I am? a fish?” g-rumble … grumble………… ;}

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