Is it Hell … or is it a Hot Dog?


...Or is the answer ... Both?

I will talk more about that later … for  right this moment … We have Arrived!  Yea!

Something about typing the words, “We have arrived,” made me think about the day I can say that I have arrived at my goal weight … That sounds FUN! I need that kind of positive focus to help me maneuver all the pitfalls here in Sunny Florida.

The drive down was uneventful, because, well … we were driving, and I had my food prepared.  Excitement about some new fun thing really helps keep your mind off of FOOD.  The problem didn’t begin for me until we hopped on our bikes and started to ride around the complex to find where the different pools were and the beach access for our Condo was.  Food … EVERYWHERE … FOOD and yummy cocktails in the hands of skinny 20 somethings around every turn.  Then … there was riding into flavor rich air … rich with the scent of caramelizing meat.  OMG … HELP ME PLEASE!  I can’t EAT!!

Ok … I know that I can eat … it is just in liquid form and it is SWEET …. I don’t LIKE Sweet Food … that is desert … I’M JUST SAYIN’.

It might be a hot bed of coals ... but I got tough feet! 🙂

We decided that we need to head back to the house where I could eat another sweet shake, and we could grill Mike and Collin some hot dogs–now hot dogs are not normally that tempting.  Help me somebody — I could have slapped someone for just a bite of those dogs.  ***SIGH***  I will make it for 7 more days of this … yes … I will!

Why will I make it?  Well … I can pump my bike harder and faster … which is way fun.  I can take a walk on the beach with my Mikey and then ride the bike for another 5 miles or so … without needing a nap.  I cannot wear my bathing suit from last year … unless I plan on being arrested for indecent exposure.  I need all new shorts … something I discovered today.  I think I can buy clothing in a regular store — gonna try while I am here and see.  I can use the NON-Handicap stall in the ladies’ restroom without feeling like I am going to rub my rear on both sides of the stall walls or that I Might get STUCK trying to open the door to leave.  I have had situations with women’s restrooms. When your gut is too big to open the (bad word) door, and you have to back your uncovered leg into the toilet just to get the blasted thing open — fear of the restroom sets in — I am just sayin‘ is all.  I don’t know about you all …… but these here do-whapies are some big deals to me.

So … I may be Grumpy, and I may Whine while I eat wrapper and all of my yummy bars … but I WILL STICK TO MY PLAN!!!  I like the Results.  It seems that I cannot get away from food traps no matter how hard I plan, but there will be lovely long rides with my Mikey, and walks on the beach in BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE–something I have sorely missed.  Games played with my son and time just to relax … all of these things will balance out my suffering.  I remind myself, as Dean Jones was pontificating, “this is but a trifle of a trade, for a short stint in hell, for a life time of paradise of a healthier happier body.” I think that is well worth the effort. (Disclaimer for my quoting of Doc Jones — One should read his writing before attributing anything I said to him).

Until the morrow … I bid you ado … though today I be red today … tomorrow is sure to be blue …S

16 thoughts on “Is it Hell … or is it a Hot Dog?

  1. I think it was hotdog hell lol I so admire you for being so single minded! You’re doing a heck of a job! and you’re doing it well! Tomorrow is ‘THAT’ day again isn’t it 🙂 I think it’s coming around faster and faster! Keep up the excellent work – remember what my fortune cookie said ‘The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph’ !!! 🙂 xxx

  2. I had a similar hot dog moment at a baseball game last year. I’m still convinced sticking to the plan and not eating a hot dog at a baseball game FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE is the reason my team lost. But I’m glad I did it! You will be, too! Of this, I have no doubt…

    Yeah for the swim suit conundrum! Yeah for the shorts that don’t fit! Shrinking out of things is the best weight loss feeling ever!

    I’ve said it before–you’re a rock star! 🙂

    • Thanks Beth … not feeling like a Rock Star … lots of anger moments. You cannot escape food at the beach … it is EVERYWHERE! Thanks for cheering me on … It Helps!

      The loose clothes HELPS immensely! Still … when you ride/walk through the heavenly smells it is hard to be a nice girl. 😉

      • Amen! Hallelujah! Preach on, sister friend! Okay, got that outta my system.

        I hope this makes you feel better: I hit the cravings today. Oy. And (hilariously, in my opinion), it’s not a Ritz cracker this go around… German food. I would really, really, REALLY like a plate of karttofelgratin or schnitzel. And then apfelstrudel for dessert. But, no-o (two syllables), that’s just not to be. Dinner with fam and they ate chicken fried steak… one of my top three favorite meals of all time. I made Mom have a cup of coffee to get rid of the tantalizing smells.

        All that to say, I feel your pain! Hang in there. We’re both working toward achievable and laudable goals. And we’ll be happy we suffered through once it’s over. I promise! That’s what happen when I ended part I. I got to eat again. Responsibly, without whining. Real foods of my choosing. I promise you there is a light at the end of our mutual tunnel!

        Cure for tantalizing aromas: Nose plug? 🙂

      • Hahaha … BEth … I don’t know about a nose plug. Sometimes I can just enjoy the smell and that is enough … actually extremely satisfying … but then there are the times … girl … I am ashamed to say how I act!

    • Thanks Debora … I hope I stay in shape for our walks! I just looked at Mike and told him we have to take at least one vigorous walk so I can keep in shape. hehehe …. see you monday after next. 🙂

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