Hellooo Outtttt Thhhheeerrrreee!

Oh … and in case you all wondered … No Weigh In this week.  Talk about make me NERVOUS!!

I know that I have been very quiet …… silent even …. since the hot dog hell incident.  I promise it is not because I haven’t had anything to say … there have been major connectivity problems since arriving.  The Hot Dog Hell post was made using Mike’s phone as a hub.  Phone calls are getting dropped, and many people are agitated over the loss of connection.

I have taken photos hoping to share a bit of my journey with you all and let you know that I have found ways to be AWAY from the Painful food smells by riding AWAY from town.  We didn’t make the big ride to Panama City, but we did bike to Seaside and back: that was about 35 miles — not big but fun!  I have really cool photos of some of the places we stopped, and Mike ate real people food, and I ate OptiFast — to borrow Beth’s words — “Prefab Fake Food” and bouillon cubes.

I have to tell you the view was such as to make it almost bearable not getting to eat the best smelling pizza I have ever witnessed in my life.  I took nice long deep breaths of Mikes food and snapped a few photos of his tastes-as-good-as-it-smells pizza before he consumed it — ALL of it!  He ate around 1200 + calories in that one setting and was only just content.  I had A 160 Calorie Shake and a 30 calorie Broth — a WHOPPING 190 total — I worked just as hard as he did — I am just sayin’ there are times life just doesn’t seem fair.  The view and the weather were perfect.  I wasn’t starving either … so life was Very good, because for most of that day I didn’t smell food, just fresh air and Beautiful Sunshine.

Yesterday …. well … that was another story.  We made good friends with the bike shop.  We stopped there before heading into town to go to the “phone” store (this is where we learned, and why I know what the heck was going on with connectivity problems) to add a bike trunk frame to my bike with a cool new basket to hold all my beach goodies once Mike left town later that day.  Little did I know … dunt duh don … that this was going to be the start of a close relationship.  Mike and I ride off on our merry little way to the “phone” store, get frustrated there … leave and start pumping hard down HWY 98 with all the 3 lanes of traffic.  Shonnie catches a flat …

… (side track, bunny trail, et cetera, et cetera) … that is cajun talk for I had a flat tire on my bike.  I know–I know, I could have just said I had a flat tire on my bike, but I grew up in Louisiana, and I can hear Dukey sayin,’ “You caught a flat?” in my head when I type those words.  Hahaha–Don’t cha just love his name?

… Anyway (drawn out with a sigh) … back to the bike flat.  I notice just before pulling back out into traffic after a slight detour to find Mike food (we didn’t find anything but the flat) that my tire is GONE — kaput — finis!  We look for a shady spot to change the tire–sorta difficult, but we manage.  It takes both Mike and I to get the flat tire off the rims — neither of us has ever changed one in years.  We got pretty nasty from the experience.  Well, like BRAINIACS, Mike and I check the injured tire … we squeeze it and cannot hear a leak … fatal error … we do not hear one.  So … special people that we are–we use the only can of air on the BAD TIRE that begins to leak as soon as we put the new air in.  So, we put the tire back together and decide to run for the gas station — across six lanes of traffic (at a cross walk and light), only to discover that the tire pump won’t work on our bike tire.  We attach my tire, rim, and busted tube and new tube to the back of Mike’s bike, and he rides for the bike shop.  Shonnie sits with her OptiFast Lunch in the shade at the gas station as Mike makes the 2 1/2 mile run (each way) to the store with NO lunch just a protein bar.

I text, get on FB to post that I am stranded on the side of the road … ON MIKE’s last day … whine … whine and a LOT of laughing at the whole deal. I cheer when I see him turn into the gas station like he just won an IronMan competition.  We hug and kiss like we haven’t seen each other in a year; put my bike back together; get Mike another snack and head down the road with an eye pealed for “REAL FOOD.”  We find it at a Greek restaurant — did I mention that the smell almost killed me — I am good: I eat my bouillon and my bar.  We get on our bikes — and would you believe it — the BACK TIRE WAS FLAT!!!  Yep …. we were across the street from the Bike Shop, thank God … so we ran across the 6 lanes of traffic — AGAIN — to the Bike Shop.

The nice lady there checked my tires and discovered that Sand Spurs were the culprit … and I learned to Check my tires after every ride … because if you pull them out quickly you can save the flat experience.  🙂

We made it back to the Condo all in one piece — Packed Mike up — Said our goodbyes — shed a few tears, and life went on.  Collin and I went for a ride — no flats.  Today … well, I rested after the 60 + miles of the two days before … I rested (after riding my bike 2 miles to and from the beach) on a chair very closely situated to the gentle crashing of the waves … YUM!  All it needed to be perfect was MIKEY!


Will load pics when I can!  🙂 …….S



10 thoughts on “Hellooo Outtttt Thhhheeerrrreee!

  1. But it *is* prefab fake food! 🙂

    When you’re in the middle of those adventures, they don’t feel funny… but after you’ve survived and can look back at them, they take on a life of their own and grow more hilarious with each telling. That’s the sign of a good story! And good sports!

    Go you for sitting through fantastic smells and sticking to the plan! I felt your pain this week… in a steakhouse. I’m an omnivore so smelling the steaks was nice until the first stomach gurgle and the gremlins awakening. I lived. You lived. And we lost weight, right?

    Good job!

    • BEth! I know … Loved you saying that … it was exactly how I felt about it. There have been a few angry moments … and NO internet to complain about them! hahaha! I did live through them. 🙂 Thoughts of gastric problems are very motivating. hehehe

  2. Oh heck! What a story that was – I feel your pain and your flat tyre lol I can’t believe you did all that on your diet bar – amazing willpower!!! Looking forward to your weigh in – I’ve been thinking a lot this week about calories and exercise – as I’ve increased my exercise output – it’s a minefield! Enjoy the rest of holiday 🙂 xxx

    • Dizi … you are such a sweet blessing! 🙂 Thanks for all your encouraging words. I read them even though I couldn’t reply. I have kept up with you when I could get the net! 🙂 I am about to catch up on all your posts.

      There were some times Dizi … I was a VERY ANGRY Fat Woman! I am just sayin’! I have a GREAT HUbby and he let me vent and didn’t take it personal … he KNEW I was suffering. I did make it through. One thing that helps … gastric proplems when you cheat! Hahaha … I didn’t feel like ending up in a hospital for a bite of food. 🙂 Thanks again!

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