The Post Vaca Photo Montage

Blue Sky's and Clear Waters ... Pretty ... Day 1

Well … I couldn’t post half the time I was away … and I wanted to make that up to you all.  I KNOW you guys are just DYING for me to share some of my goofy Vaca photo’s  … so here I go.  Anything to distract myself that Tomorrow is WEIGH IN #11 ….. ahahahahhaahA!  I hate missing a week’s weigh in.

So here we go with the distraction:

Mike and My cozy chairs by the sea. Can you see Collin behind ... fussing because he wanted to stay in the room. Day 1

First ride break day 2 ... Grayton Beach .... you can't see it but the sand was so soft and white!!

Me and Mikey at Grayton Beach ... love the LACK of people! 🙂 Day 2

The Fantastic Smelling Place we stopped in Seaside for Mike's Lunch ... Don't you LOVE the view. The cushions were nice too after such a LONG ride. 🙂

This pizza smelled AMAZING!! I had Mike hold the pizza up for me to smell ... OMG! I bet you can tell which food is mine! Nice broth and yummy shake ... it actually worked out well ... I had a Wonderful day. Most of this day was away from food smells except for this stop. 🙂 This was an amazing stop.

Day 3's sunset walk with Mikey

Me and Mikey on that beach day 3

Day 4 The Flat Tire Day! This is the first breakdown.

After hours of biking and flatting tires ... Mikey settled for a salad. 🙂

I settled in for my bar and my broth. 🙂 YUM ... didn't you think his salad looked good??? I did! I even tried to smell it!

Then ... he digs into his Pork Chops. Now ... I didn't really think they looked good ... but I would have loved to bite into one!! I'm just speakin' tha truth!

Day 5 and 6 ... was Me and Collin at the beach sittin in the same chairs that Mikey and I did.

Also … Day’s 5, 6, and 7 were me cooking food that I couldn’t eat …. OUCH!

You remember Grilled Cheeses, Hot Dogs, and Kisses .... 🙂

After my last day’s ride … I snapped a few pictures by the bay:

Don't those chairs look inviting? 🙂

I feel that this vaction went well with all the exercise … I am starving!  I think I almost distracted myself with the montage … NOT!!  I will let you know how the weigh in goes …. UHHHH …. S

11 thoughts on “The Post Vaca Photo Montage

  1. Looks like a GREAT time, I LOVE the photos !! I am so very proud of you for not straying and for staying on track no matter what. Keep on keeping on !!

  2. I love the pictures. I think Bill and I could use some beach time. Probably won’t happen anytime soon however. proud of you for not munching the pork chops. I really liked the picture of you and Mike on day three. No munchies = fantastic smile.

  3. Great pics! Looks like you had FUN! I love your dedication because I think I would have packed that OptiFast up until I got back home and I would have torn into those pork chops and pizza! And I LOVE salads! Yummmmmmeeeee!!

  4. Great pics! I have to say though….Mike’s food looks best. Unless that chicken broth and peanut butter chocolate bar is out of this world! 🙂

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