Weigh In #11



I know … I always ask the question … am I a LOSER or a Gainer? This week is no different.  There were a LOT of variables added into this week’s weigh in that caused the pressure to build up … one major stressor was that it has been TWO WEEKS since I weighed.  Talk about a pressure Build UP — I was on the verge of exploding!  My BP’s were up the first time she took my pressure. The second time we took my BP — I spoke softly to my mind and said, “calm … think calm … everything is O.K.,”  and it was–the BP’s dropped right back down.

The other factors that added to my stress and caused me to wonder … was my dreaded body thermostat.  It never takes much to cause my body’s metabolism to go haywire and all whamper jawed on me.  Dr. Ard worked out a plan for me to eat more calories so that I could play hard, and Play Hard I did.  We rode over a 100 miles, walked in the sand many miles, and just plain had a GREAT TIME.  When I got home Mike and I rode the Chief Ladiga Trail on Sunday … that was only 27 miles, but … well I will tell you about that another time.  So … as you can see we really kept moving.  🙂

Then, there was the eating factor.  Yes, I upped my eating … but not as much as I would have thought.  I just couldn’t eat another sweet anything.  My caloric intake only reached 1,359 for my biggest day.  Not eating enough WILL cause your body to believe that it is stress, and that it is time to store FAT.  Something I STRONGLY DID NOT WANT TO HAPPEN. Some of my rides burned around 1,600 calories all by themselves–according to Loseit.com.  SO … you can see why I was a tad worried.  I took a couple of days off, and did as close to nothing as I could possibly do, and I consumed the same amount of food as the heavy days.  However — walking in the sand is still a workout.  It wasn’t hard to eat the same as the heavy days on the slow/recovery days, because I WAS STARVING!  I think my eating plan worked.

Today, when I weighed in ….. I had LOST 6.5 pounds for the two weeks.  =)  I was VERY Happy (ok … want the Truth? I was a little disappointed … I had hoped for a 10 LB loss).  This Loss was VERY GOOD NEWS (inspite of my dissapointmet) … because weight loss has not stopped and is moving forward even with added calories and activity!  Yea!!!!!!!  I weigh 209 LBs. This is a total loss of 46 pounds with OptiFast/EatRight and a total of 54 pounds since 2009 on Loseit.com. I am very close to the half way mark … that would be a total loss of 52.5 pounds on the OptiFast/EatRight program and that would have me weighing 202.5 … and what is better is that I am pushing hard on 200 LBs!   That does make me smile! 🙂


My Loseit.com Report for the last 4 weeks


Weight         BMI

Pre weigh    255               41.8

1st weigh     249        I don’t know

2nd weigh    244               40.0

3rd  weigh    239               39.2

4th weigh     234.5            38.4

5th weigh     231.5            37.9

6th weigh     227                37.2

7th weigh    223                 36.5

8th weigh    218.5             35.8

9th weigh     215.5             35.3

10th weigh      Out of Town

11th weigh     209                34.2

It will have been 15 years since I weighed less that 200 pounds … this will be a VERY BIG Landmark for me.  WE (Mike under my strong suggestion) have decided to get me a beautiful new piece of jewelry for that Milestone Marker.  Major big smiles over here!!  hehehehehe  🙂

Well … I think I am going to head out for the rest of the day … shopping is on the list.  I have NO Shorts to wear, no sandals, and almost no pants again … What a LOVELY problem to have.


Peace, Blessings, and love …. later gator …S


23 thoughts on “Weigh In #11

  1. OMG! Look at you looking seriously sexy and gorgeous! 6.5lb in two weeks – I can only dream! I never ever lose more than 2lb in two weeks! You’ve done so amazingly well – you’re a total inspiration and the thing is I know for a fact you’re going all the way!!! You’re going to flipping get there before me lol Ohhhh I want to party with you when you reach your goal! 🙂 well done Mad – you are FANTASTIC! 🙂 xxx

    • Awe ….. Dizi you are such a sweetheart! I am so glad we met … it is so helpful to have support. Who knows what will happen when I switch to food … I hope it continues. Dizi … I have NEVER lost like this before … EVER!! I have gained like this on meds … BUT NEVER LOST like this. It has blown my mind. Thanks for stopping by and always having such nice things to say … you are such a blessing. 🙂 XXX

  2. I hear what you say about men losing faster, but you have to remember that you had 100 to lose and I have more than double of that! I am so glad that I found your blog and that you are on Week 11. It gives me hope on Week 3 and keeps me going. One shake at a time, One day at a time.

  3. Shonnie….so proud of you! Great job and you are looking great…just keep that drive…you are on track to an incredible new way of living….harold

    • Harold, thank you so much. I think I can safely say you are a LIFE SAVER! Thanks for making me face my fears and try one more Doctor. I am really glad that I did. 🙂 I will keep plugging along … I love needing new clothes … because the old ones don’t fit!! 🙂

  4. Shonnie… I’m sooo doin’ the Snoopy dance over here for you! Over six pounds WHILE on vacation and having a much increased caloric intake. So impressed! When I broke 200 it was AWESOME!!! And sparkly stuff makes for a great reward… after all, it’s calorie-free! 🙂

    Are you doing a third round of super strict or will you begin tapering down to normal food? Thursday marks the start of my final super strict prefab fake food weeks. A week from Friday I’ll start reintroducing real food back into my diet. I’m hoping to take off as much as possible during the transition (I actually lost at the same rate during transition last time so I’m hoping for a repeat). If I do, I’ll be in spitting distance of my goal weight. Then if I park at about 1,300 calories a day, I can lose the rest while eating whatever I want. Up to 1.300 calories, that is.

    Keep rockin’ it… you big loser, you! 🙂

    • Beth … I don’t finish my 12 weeks in the program until next Tuesday … they tend to keep you on full formula until the Tuesday following your 12 week weigh in. Then I will begin Transition … I am counting the moments! 🙂

      I am so glad to hear what you said about the losing during Transition … I was kind of wondering how that would work. I think I have to take a break before I can go back on full formula … at least that is how I THINK it works for me. I don’t how they do it when you have over 50 pounds to lose.

      My buddy Harold (Dean Jones is Losing it) lost 60 pounds during his 12 weeks … he is almost to his goal weight already. I have a feeling I will do “Transition” for a LONG While.

      I am looking to you little “BIG” Sis to tell me how this stuff works … I am like OptiFast Loser … glad I found your blog! 🙂

      • You’ll be on transition two days before me. 🙂 Yeah, you!

        When I concluded transition, they did a weird test (not that I’ve ever had a breathalizer test (nor will I EVER), but that’s what it reminded me of). The test kind of measures your metabolism and tells you how many calories you need to be limited to in order to continue weight loss off program and how many calories you can have to maintain. Both are a range, so you feel like you have a little freedom in your food choices. And I’ll be honest, I did get to eat anything I wanted in proper portions. But seriously, if you keep a pretty strict handle on the calories as food is reintroduce and don’t cheat, you’ll keep losing weight.

    • Thanks Beth for the info … they did that on me before we started … weird! Lindsey, the program director, mentioned that she would be doing another one on me soon. I didn’t realize that was the reason.

      I am putting my questions together for meal planning. I am not a big fan of fake food … like low fat anything. Things that are naturally low fat … yeah I am all over that. So, I am hoping that they can help me with that. Whatcha think? They be able to help?

      Oh … on another note … I know a great place that smokes chicken … but they do it with the skin on and I think they do turkey as well … so it has to be smoked without the skin?

      • Smoked without the skin is ideal because it’s super low in fat… naturally. I’m on board with that line of thinking. I’d rather eat of less of something than go low-cal/low fat. My only compromise is 1% milk. As long as it’s ice cold, I can do it. And when it’s in cereal, it’s great.

        If your clinic doesn’t give you nutrition info for foods, go to my page and scroll down on the right column until you find the pages under “Food for Thought”… I took all of that from the paperwork my dieticians provided me the first time around.

  5. Wow! Sweet music right there! So do you have a goal weight and BMI or are you just working the process? (By the way you just passed me up on the weight.) 🙂 Zoom!

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