Post Loss and Bike Rides

This is the lovely Trail we like to ride on ... This is at the Georgia State Line.

Hello ….. it is Wednesday, and I am still basking in my post loss high.  🙂  Hope you are having a GREAT DAY!

Yesterday was a very FUN day.  Trying on clothes in “normal” women’s sizes is AWESOME!  Mike and I tried to figure out how long it has been since I could do that, but we couldn’t.  Even the stuff that didn’t … well … it’s about 10 pounds from fitting.  YEAH!  Now, don’t cha know, that sounds just YUMMY!  🙂

I had a pretty good workout with Donna “the Trainer Nazi” Jones … she was trying out some new stuff on us again.  Pat says that she (Donna)  has dreams, and then she comes and tries them on us.  All I know … is Donna can kick your booty … heck she kicks her own rear all the time.  Her Hubby has already moved to TWO Real MEALS a day … I am So Jealous! (I know that was just random info … but I thought of Donna, and then I thought of Harold and …. well … what can I say … he is eating real food!!) Donna could say … “I told you so …” on this whole OptiFast thing … cuz she tried to tell me … but she doesn’t … cuz she is just sweet that way.  😉

And while we are on the subject of workouts … I am working up the courage to post the pics from our bike ride on Sunday.  Mike keeps telling me HOW great I look …. BUT … he is slightly warped (I am extremely grateful that he is warped so).  I do not know how I was so fortunate as to find such a blithely vision impaired man, but I did, and he sees me … Gosh I don’t even know what he sees!  I look in the mirror, and at the pictures, and look back at him shaking my head wondering what the heck … but who am I to argue with his denseness … I am gonna roll around in that and enjoy every minute of it.

So on with the Show … and I will post pics another day in some of my New Clothes … hehehe … I am so excited!  hehe

This was Mikey and Me on the Bama side of the line, and as you see in the background their trails to rails is called the Silver Comet ... gonna ride that one soon. Not all that excited about my facial expressions ... but it showed the sign ... so I am posting it! 🙂

I still do NOT like full body pics ... Mikes sez I gotta get over myself ... so here is me trying. I know I wear these clothes outside ... but I don't know anyone on the TRAIL! Just sayin' is all .... a girl needs some diginity. 🙂


The ride to the Georgia State line was all an uphil grade … it didn’t seem like a huge one … until the ride back. The cross winds were not much fun either–they only slowed us down a touch on the way down, but the climb up they were killer.  I felt much better about my efforts when this “real” biker talked about how awful the winds were going out.




Ahhh ...beautiful ... restful and we were getting close to home ... the ride back took half an hour less than the ride out! YEAH!

UPDATE:  For those souls who subscribe I do appologize for all the errors and thoughts that were not complete.  I have had a magnum of interruptions, and one should NEVER load a post in those conditions; one should READ it again when things are quiet (which they are still NOT) to make sure one makes sense …. oh Well … I tried.  Sorry!

One the way back, we took time to stop and enjoy a few of the bridges and the soothing water sounds ... nature is a beautiful thing.

Until the morrow .... healthy happy living to you all ...S

10 thoughts on “Post Loss and Bike Rides

  1. How tall are you? You have a fab figure!!! You’re looking good on your journey!!! 🙂 I keep reminding myself how important it is to feel good whilst we are doing this – I wore a dress yesterday that I hadn’t worn since the late 90’s!!! BUT whilst I felt good because it fitted again (and it’s now VINTAGE ohhhhhhh FLIP FLIP FLIP LOL) It just didn’t make me feel THAT good! So I wont be wearing it anymore!!! Oh and Mike is completely right by the way!!! No warpiness what so ever – you look HOT! not in a sweltering menopausal way like myself… but in a WOW! Gorgeous way!!!! 🙂

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