I know … I am late … buttttt

…You know how somedays just jog off plan?  Well, today was one of those days, where one thing or another happened that kept me from completing this post … I started it.  That’s gotta count for something right?

Sometimes … when days go awry they are bad days … this day was just one pleasure after another … serendipitous moments of joy.  Kind of a memory making day.  I got nails done with my good buddy and Trainer Nazi.  I picked out some cool herb plants for my deck–for when I can eat!  Came back to the house and got caught up with Sophie girl.  I grabbed a hug from Mikey in passing, while he grabbed lunch, and I ran to get my younger daughter some lunch.  I hung out with Erica for a a nice afternoon chat while she ate, and then returned home to be further distracted by Sophie girl.  I made dinner for Mike and Collin.  Erica called me while we were waiting on Mike’s dinner to finish and offered that I come get a facial … so … what’s a girl ta do but ….. GO!

I had a very scrumptous day … and now … Mikey and I are going for a ride …  or maybe not … now that I see what time it is.  Dang!  Well … now it is not … cuz I remembered that I have to have blood drawn in the AM.  =(  With that I will sign off until tomorrow.  🙂 ….S


6 thoughts on “I know … I am late … buttttt

  1. Days like that is what it’s all about!!! Glad you had a great one 🙂 xxx hope the blood taking wasn’t too stressful – not the most fun thing to be doing lol xxx

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