Weigh In # 12


I know … today is the BIG WEIGH IN DAY!!  Did I make my goal?  Well, I will tell you in a bit.  I was so NERVOUS/Excited that I had quite a time getting ready this morning.  Coupled with a phone call regarding my son’s bus driver, who took it upon himself to change the way Collin is picked up and let off.  For those of you who don’t know Collin is Autistic, and he paces in the morning while he waits for the bus.  The bus driver thought is was no big deal to change the order.  So, now, Collin is picked up down the street and dropped off at our house.  Opposite of what we have explained OVER and OVER to them.  So, I ran late because I had to re-EXPLAIN I don’t want another child hit by a car — especially one with a neurological disorder already!  Come-on-Already!! How hard is this to understand???

Don't be hatin' how sexy I am!

Running late, I rush down the stairs with my junk in hand, and I have on my WONDERFUL Desoto Recovery Socks … and … my flip flops and NO Jacket (I don’t usually wear flip flops, and it was 49 degrees outside)!  The socks are life savers for people like me with edema.  These Socks, unlike support hose, help keep you cool.  They are just Wonderful, and I HAVE to wear them If I am going to sit for an hour or more.  They may not be “Sexy” lookin’ to you with my cropped pants, but healthy (non-fluid build up) is always “Sexy” with me!  By-the-way, I have to buy new socks now, too.  Hehe … they are getting Too LOOSE to do much good.  I have included the link for on the word Desoto for anyone who might be interested — they are WAY worth the money!  I am begining to think that I might just fit well in some of their cool clothes soon.  🙂

Everyone should wear this with their camo-capri's ... I'm just sayin'

Remember how I was HOPING that my Last Week on Full Formula before transition (I am waiting until next week to get my food stuff together) loss would get me to the 50 pound mark … well … I LOST 5 pounds this week … for a total of 51 LBs. for the 12 week period!  YEA!  I was very difficult to deal with today.  Before the weigh in, I was a “Chatty Cathy” because I was so nervous, and then afterwards, because I was SO HYPER EXCITED!  What can I say … I feel like I got a SUPER Bonus this week!  🙂

I don’t know if stickers and badges work for you all, but they are fun to get in my e-mail.  So, I thought I would share them with you here today.  Yes … this Fat Lady is jumpin’, dancin’, and feeling generally good about life!  No … I haven’t started to sing … because it is NOT time to throw in the towel to say I quit.  I am almost Half way to my goal, and  with 54 pounds left to go the battle has only–JUST–gotten underway.  🙂

my Loseit.com chart for the last 4 weeks.

Loseit.com badge

Weight         BMI

Pre weigh    255          41.8

1st weigh        249    I don’t know

2nd weigh      244           40.0

3rd  weigh       239           39.2

Loseit.com Badge

4th weigh       234.5       38.4

5th weigh        231.5       37.9

6th weigh        227          37.2

7th weigh        223          36.5

8th weigh       218.5       35.8

9th weigh       215.5        35.3

Loseit.com Badge

10th weigh         Missed

11th weigh        209        34.2

12th weigh      204       33.4

I had a FaceBook post asking me what would my foods look like after being off for 13 weeks.  My diet will be VERY simple.  Low to NO Fat!  Very few foods will be added in at a time to give my body a chance to adjust to the strange substances being introduced  back into my system.  I am very excited.  I have to go shopping for a NEW pan to cook this food in–since there is NO fat to keep it from sticking.   hehehe!

Here are Next week’s new food items:

spinach and cucumers

Cauliflower --- Image by © Poisson d'Avril/photocuisine/Corbis

Anybody know and great low/no fat recipes for these foods???  Keep in mind, I can’t even eat dressing low fat or otherwise.

Oh and for your fun and enjoyment, each picture is linked to the site or blog I borrowed it from, some of these have great info for gettin’ healthier folks!  Givem’ a look.  🙂

Well … I am heading out to look for that cool new pan for next weeks food … y’all have a good day, now … ya hear …S  🙂

29 thoughts on “Weigh In # 12

  1. Way to go! I think you are so smart to wait a week to give your time to PLAN food! Planning is very important in making the right choices!! Nice facebook page too…You are beautiful!

  2. Shonnie’s a rock star!

    I’m tellin’ you, girl… don’t you just feel like you’ve won a million bucks? (Okay, maybe not a million… but you get the idea.) I’m so impressed, proud, excited, insert tons of adjectives! I’m doin’ the Snoopy dance for you! It’s such a relief to hit those big landmarks… it’s also empowering. Once you’ve reached the goal you start dreaming about the next one. Success builds on itself and the momentum pushes you to keep going.

    And you’re going to do great on transition. You’ve got lots of folks supporting you and building a net to keep you from falling.

    • Beth … GIRL! I DO FEEL GREAT! I can’t believe it happened. I started my weight training again … so not as likely to have a “BIG” loss next week, but that IS A OK with me. Thanks for all the confidence in my abilities. I need to hear that right now. It is nervy. 🙂 But exciting!

      Thanks for always coming over and checking on me. It means the world.

      • (You’re way more interesting than some of the Optifast people I was in class with back at the beginning! They had really weird ideas about giving up some of their favorite foods for the rest of their lives… now I ask you, is that any way to live? Moderation! You’re realistic, interesting, and funny.)

        I feel like I’m whispering… no idea why! 😉

        I rarely, if ever, get two weeks in a row with a big loss. And I can’t claim weight training as my excuse.

      • Beth, I don’t think that is a way to live. I have always believed in moderation with food. I am excited that I have a way to get where I want to be … with Docs that feel that way too (moderation). We are going to add things back in slow to see what and IF anything was creating problems for me. I think I am going to get an allergie test. Other than that … I plan on playin’ hard and eating well (healthy, responsible, with occasional moves to the Wild side). hehe! 🙂

        You are whispering because I have been so quiet today you probably thought I was asleep! hehe! I wasn’t, just trying to finsh a project that took on a life of its own. YIKES!

    • Martin … I wish I was running to your goal instead of mine. haha! I have 54 pounds to get to my Goal weight.

      Thanks for those supportive thoughts … you know you have MINE! My hubby and I will either head out for our long ride this weekend — 60 or more miles, or we will start trying to run. Mike CAN run, it will be try on my part. Gonna see if I have lost enough for the knee to let me. 🙂

      I will be sending you positive thoughts when we go for it. 🙂

  3. oh my goodness! – real food? – solid food? – wondering what your body will have to ‘say’ about that! – btw – looking good and doing great! 🙂

    • I know Mom! It will great … but NOT until NEXT week! 🙂 I opted to wait to next week and get all my stuff and meal plan in order before jumping in. So this will be my last week on Full Formula. I think it was the right choice … but and pretty excited about the food. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Anne!! I won’t be cooking this week. Just making the plan and then starting up next Tuesday … I don’t know why I keep saying Wednsday. Haha … I think I am overwhelmed by it all. 🙂

    • Thanks … I missed you Monday! I can’t make it tomorrow. I have class. Mike and I went for a warm up walk and he was all looking at me funny. I asked him what the problem was … he said … You are killing me. Hahaha … You got me up there girl! I love Walking with you. Thanks for trying to include me. Hope we can get back at it. You have been GOOD FOR ME! 🙂

    • Thanks Opti-Loser!! I won’t know until next week — but you can bet I will tell you all about it! I felt like it would be better for me to wait just a bit to get a plan and the right equipment to cook with NO FAT! I am excited though! 🙂

  4. Whoa! You look great in that picture. Way to go. Steve said you looked great! We need to get on the same track you are on… Ha Ha. Well we will get there slower. Love you.

  5. Happy dancing in Springdale! You look so beautiful in your picture today!!! REJOICING with you! I think you need to go buy something!

  6. OMG! Do you realize how dangerously close you are to weighing less than 200??? WOW!!! Have fun eating….a little…remember, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels! Love ya, sistah!

  7. Wow! Boom! Kick it! Pow! lol That is some major good stuff right there! Very excited to see the continued progress. I didn’t know you were only half way there. This is simply outstanding. Keep the healthy items coming for next week. I personally love stir fry. Tomatoes, Spinach, Yams, Onions…you can put all kind of good stuff in the fancy stir fry pots! Medium heat in olive oil with a little pepper. Ummmmmmm Good!

    • Thanks Greg. I still have a way to go. I love those too Greg. I don’t when I can add the oil in … but not for a few weeks. I will remember that though! 🙂 Wednesday I of next week I get to start cooking those foods above after I get my menu approved. 🙂 I am ok with that though. I WANT to Lose! I can’t believe how close I am to 200 pounds. 🙂

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