Turmoil, Trials, and JOY

Hello Dear Ones,

Today, has been a day of extremes. Up one moment and down the next.  I Run sideways, I make an about face and it is full steam ahead in the other direction, and barely make an inch forward.  Emotions ran the gamut as well — AWFUL — (I don’t like shifting emotions)!  Technical problems abounded as I strove to complete my latest project.  One thing after the other caused set backs (in all aspects of my life) for the last week.  It has been a good week for the most part, but slightly off kilter–jobs never quite wrapping up as planned–which left a pile of stuff for today.  I did arrive at the finish line. I would not say with any dignity on my own part.

I have to say my family was amazing. I am very grateful for them.  I know each of us have our own-individual-flaws that take grace from all the rest of us, but TODAY I just did NOT deserve the grace I received.  I am blessed.

We  are a tightly knit family and a few tugs and pulls at our fabric does not unravel us, no matter who is responsible fore the strain.  We all put behind us the stress and confusion of the day, and gathered together, around one of our Sunny Spots … Sophie Girl.  hehe!  She makes us all smile.  Me, Onnie, and Sophie girl decided we needed to do something fun.  What you ask?  Well, of course we went SHOPPING!  This always lifts our spirits.  I found the info for several things I am thinking of getting, and that lead to another happy thought.  Remember, I need some new Cookware — because I GET TO EAT REAL FOOD next week … which lead to another happy thought … and so on and so on.  You see how this gets back to blessed and happy land.  Right?  One tiny I choose JOY choice after another … haha … which leads to another … I have been gathering some GREAT recipes this week.  I am getting excited!  I will share later.  🙂


Sophie Girl in her NEW Ballerina Bathing Suit!

We got Sophie this … isn’t she cute!?!?!

I think I will close with a few happy spots for me … a few pics me and my hubby found, and Onnie and I worked hard to show the new me.  hehe … this was the “FUN” part of the day, before the stress and confusion of the day.  THEN,  Sophie girl came into the picture giggling and squealing– making us all genuinely happy again.

Remember day 1?

a few weeks in

A month in

12 weeks in

12 weeks and the thing barely touches ... Use to be much tighter ... I wouldn't post those pics ... I like me tooooo much. 🙂

I am going to apologize in advance.  I have not had time to read and reread this post.  There will PROBABLY be errors in grammar — Forgive me today, and tomorrow.  🙂

Blessings to you all …..S

14 thoughts on “Turmoil, Trials, and JOY

  1. I got lost (for obvious reasons) for a day or two… something about a distraction. No matter, I’m here now and I’m here to tell you that you look incredible! The difference in your start picture and your current picture is crazy awesome!

  2. Wow how you have changed in appreance. I know everyone notices…. whether they say it or not. We have to say that little Sophia is just too cute in her new bathing suit!! I love it.

  3. undeserved grace? – that’s why it is called ‘grace’! – and i absolutely love the pictures, too. the lightness i see in your face is worth a million words! 🙂

  4. I love the little yellow sunshine girl! Made me smile on a cold and rainy day. I love the time lapse pictures! You look amazing!

  5. WOW – your progress pictures are amazing!! 🙂 You can really see the difference, and you look so much happier now. Congrats on your acheivement so far … Betty xxx

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