Fashion Week Interrupted

I had planned a fun week of Celebration, but sorrow and heartbreak crashed in on my parade.  Friday mid-morning, I received a very disturbing call from my sister: My younger cousin had passed away in his sleep of a heart attack.  The fun week of walking down memory lane, rejoicing over the laps of time and loss of poundage was replaced by a memory walk of a different kind.  Remembering and celebrating the live of one you love.

Chris was a big guy with a heart as big as he was, with a ready smile and a fun laugh.  I will miss him.  All of my childhood playmates (my cuzins) gathered to support the family and cherish each other.  I will try to keep a post or two coming while I visit with family.  But again, I find myself WITHOUT much access to internet  around here, and it is hard to pass the opportunity to be with those you Love While it is Today!

I am sharing with you a picture of some Louisiana style food.  The iPhone pic doesn’t do it justice.  You can’t tell that this table is Bar (like where ya got to grab a drink) height, the metal flashing is the hole you throw your scraps into as you chow away at the “trough.” I loved that!  What a Perfect way to eat GREAT food and dispose of the waste without much fuss or muss!!  WTG BUDDY KIRBY!  What meal he prepared for all.  As you can see — I had MY SHAKE!  Help me Lord … but that WAS Hard NOT to take part in!

Crawfish, sausage, corn, potatoes . . . and my shake!

Blessings to all … and remember … love while it is today …S

18 thoughts on “Fashion Week Interrupted

  1. Hey Girl, I am sorry that you had to come to see us on such a bad note. We will all miss sweet Chris. As usuall I realy enjoyed your company. I had a hard time sleeping last night I guess I need to go buy one of those speep machines and run it at night ha!

    • LOVE YOU GIRL! You are such an awesome Lady! I, as usual, enjoyed your hospitality. Thank you so much for making my stay wonderful. I guess you are gonna have to get you one of those machines. Hehe! 🙂

  2. Shonnie… I’m so sorry to hear! Losing a loved one is never easy. But some of my favorite family memories are actually from the funeral and ensuing reception of other loved ones. The reminiscing and laughing over memories (some of which were educational for the younger set) are incredible! Look for those special moments as the time flies by. Hang in there!

    • Thanks Beth, you are so right. We gathered together reminiscing about our childhood, and listening to the stories of the older generation … it was a good thing. I hate it was for that reason we gathered, but I am glad that we did.

  3. Oh Sweetheart 😦 I am so sorry to hear this – it brings everything into such crystal clear perspective – it’s separates what really is important, from what isn’t. My heart goes out to you and your family – sending you love – stay strong xxx

  4. I am so very sorry for your family in this time. It is a reminder of what is important in life. None of us are promised tomorrow. Love each other while it is today. Isn’t it a blessing to have family and friends that love you no matter what you look like?

  5. I’m sorry about why you had to go down to see your family. I am glad you are getting to spend time with them though–while it is today, like you said. Our days are special–priceless–we should treat them that way.

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