First Real Food on OptiFast

Today …. has brought my journey to an end and returned my life … to my form of normal.  Whatever that is.  Going home is like time travel, a bit taxing on the body.  So, today my post is gonna be short and sweet.

Today … yes Today … was the VERY first time I ate REAL FOOD in 13 weeks.  I was so VERY EXCITED.  Sadly, my shrimp was mushy and NOT appetizing AT ALL!  =(  I was not even close to full.  Chica is wondering if maybe she did something wrong in her weighing of the food?!?!  The salad was YUMMY though.

Don’t worry; I am not discouraged.  I will try again tomorrow.  This girl’s gotta have food with Fla-va’.  🙂

I ate this salad with some lemon juice, dash of balsamic vinegar, white wine vinegar, and several dashes of Mrs. Dash. 🙂

The Not so Yummy Shrimp. The almost No cal sauce was good though. 🙂

Blessings …. S


15 thoughts on “First Real Food on OptiFast

  1. That’s the trickiest part… finding food that’s flavorful! Luckily, the spices in the spice aisle are not off limits! You can have most of them… I’m so excited for you!

  2. Its hard for me to imagine how you went through this and now after 13 weeks you got that!

    Now I know why I can’t do your way. I would be in jail by now! In jail for my killing spree after I got those mushy shrimps! Berzerk! Famine! Murder!

    Yes – lucky me. Congratulations to you for being able to and stay calm.


  3. Boo for mushy shrimp! You deserve the best shrimp around! Jumbo frozen…pre cooked with the tail at Costco or Sams should do the trick next time! Always yummy.

  4. So glad you get to eat real food. Bummer on the mushy shrimp. I hate mushy shrimp. Get some rest and start over tomorrow.

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