Fashion Week Continued

What's a girl to do but smile when she is .... 50 pounds lighter?!?!

There has been a new condition that has developed with my weight loss.  I have my buttocks-fits-in-a-that-itus and OH-my-goodness-is-that-Shonnie-anoma.  It is an unusual feeling — such a new and wonderful experience — these two new disorders.  I had no idea that I could feel like this.  Now, I can sit in a regular chair with room.  My rear doesn’t hang over the seats in my car.  I bet I can fit in a plane seat without my rumpus touching the sides or oozing into my hubby’s seat.  Then, while I was away with family, the second disorder kicked into high gear every time I turned around …. was OMG …Shonnie?  I almost didn’t recognize you.  My cousin’s youngest daughter didn’t remember me at all.  🙂

As anyone who is overweight knows, wondering will the plane belt clip across my body is a terrorizing experience.  Oh and even worse is if you have to sit on a plan next to someone other than your mate …. YUCK  cuz you touch them!!!!  I don’t like touching people.  You don’t even want to be near me if I have sat on a plane next to a stranger I don’t know …. TOUCHING THEM.  I will NOT be in a good mood, just ask my buddy Kelly how I was acting after a flight to see her one time … UHG and triple UHG!  I like people, but I don’t want to touch them if I don’t KNOW them.  I’m just sayin’.  It puts me in a foul mood for sure!  I am getting excited to see how well I fit in the seats when we fly to see my son in Alaska later this summer.  Hehehe … Smilin’.  🙂

I went put on my Banana Republic shorts and shirt I bought about 3 weeks ago today, and said to my hubby, “I need to try these on because I don’t want to miss wearing them .”  It is a good thing that I did — they are already fitting comfortably in the waist.  When I bought them, they were tight.  YIKES and YEA!!!!!  My scales this morning said 199.4 … that would be SO GREAT to be below 200 pounds at weigh in on TUESDAY!

I realized the other day, that I was at the BMI that would allow me to ride the donkey or horses if I were at the Grand Canyon.  When we went a few years ago, I was too large.  We had to ride ATV’s.  They were fun, but it was horrible knowing we couldn’t do what we planned because I weighed too much.  It was horrifying that I had to have the plane we took over the GC weighted and balanced for my weight.  I may just have to go back again, this time I would be VERY proud to step up on those BLASTED scales, instead of being humiliated.

I realize I have 50+ pounds to go, but I think it helps to celebrate these unique-for-me moments as I recognize them.  On those mornings when I am gagging on my shake and I think I cannot eat another chalky bar … I remember where I have come from … and I shake my way on to the goal with a smile.

Well, on with the picture parade:

My All Time favorite Cookie was in the HOUSE. I really wanted to munch down on one ... but I had a Shake instead. Mikey and Collin finished them off so I wouldn't have the option next time.

Last nights yummy dinner. I could eat only about half the chicken! Boo Hiss! I had a half cup salad; 1/8 cup artichokes--no oil; and 1/8 cup cauli rice. YUMMY --- only I couldn't finsh the veggies either. ;(

I am looking forward to tonight an the Thia cucumber salad. Yeah!

This is Mike, My Son Will, and myself ... oh how painful

Same day, same shirt and the jeans that I gave away long ago! Thank Goodness ... can you see how that shirt fits on my legs! OUCH!

Me March 30th in this shirt ... I like the fit better NOW! 🙂 I even have another shirt on under it! 🙂 hahahahaha!

You all be blessed … ya hear …S



15 thoughts on “Fashion Week Continued

  1. Shonnie you were beautiful before – no two ways about that – but I completely understand how it feels to want to be able to enjoy your body and move freely, and lightly – you transformation photos are a total inspiration and they keep me going! You can see in your smile – the load has been lightened and the weight is not just off of your body -it’s off of your mind! That’s where it really does count!!! You are thoroughly gorgeous! Loving seeing these progress photos – MORE MORE MORE! XXX

  2. Hahahaha very well, I can see you glowing – being proud. Very well and it suits you well – your change that is.

    “Now, I can sit in a regular chair with room.” Regular chairs… “Normal” people have no clue how much of a problem that is. Restaurants – looking for a bench, since we fit there better with our size. Avoiding chairs, which look comfortabl, but which lack width. Sometimes the feelign of being stuck in a chair. Or if you can sit in it: feeling how it hurts on the sides, where the chair is too small and hits one’s “mass”.

    People who never experienced it have no clue, what it means. How humilating it feels (especially the part of a chair stuck on one’s body).

    It is a new quality of life and the good thing? It is getting much better.


  3. How do they incorporate food back into your diet? Do they count calories? Carbs? Portion control? Do they tell you what real food to eat?

    • Well Loretta, our group only wants you to add 4 meats and 4 veggies a week in. This helps with the whole adjustment. They also limit fat, sugar, and how you cook your food. For instance No skin on the meat. On Weigh In #12 I showed what foods we picked out for me to try out for my first week of food. I deviated a little with the Kale … but it was soooo good!! 🙂 It is very nice to be eating again. Thanks for checking up on me.

  4. Wondrful to see the difference in attitude. I know you are happy to see a difference in everything to … What you wear to how you sit in the plain. I find it funny…. I never saw you that big and I always saw you as beautiful and confident. I love you.

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